Deputies were dispatched to burglaries at a shopping center on Hwy. 29 South last weekend.

The Biscuit Express, Wing House Grill and the Hen House Boutique were all broken into by shattering or breaking into their front doors.

The cash registers in all the businesses and a safe in the Hen House were broken into and money and change taken from all the stores.

In other activity, the following are some of the incidents that were reported last week by the sheriff’s office:

•Deputy Jason Gaddy was dispatched to a motor vehicle on Hwy. 172 involving a horse on Saturday, March 21. The horse was lying in the middle of the highway and could not stand. Gaddy reportedly put the horse down with his service weapon. The Department of Transportation was contacted to remove the animal and fire department members came to wash down the roadway. The sheriff later identified the owners of that horse and three others that had reportedly been running loose for several hours prior to that.

•On March 22, Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to a home on Hudson Rivers Church Road regarding damage to property and injury to an animal. A couple told him that around midnight someone came onto their screened in porch and killed their cat. The husband said it also sounded as if someone was beating on a bucket in their yard.

The screen door to the back porch was damaged and the screen was torn or cut. A grill and some cat feeders had also been moved around. The cat was found in the backyard. The cat did not appear to have any cuts or punctures, but it did have dried blood around its mouth and neck. Loose cat hair was located in the backyard as well. The husband said about a month ago he found a dead dog in the woods behind their house. They both said they had had trouble with a neighbor in the past, but that that neighbor was now in jail. Rice said he believed from his observation that someone had entered the porch with the intent to kill the animal and that the cat’s injuries were not consistent with an attack by another animal.

•Deputy Zach Brooks was dispatched to Cleghorne Road regarding a dog that had been shot. The caller was the person who shot the dog and he reported that the dog’s owner was now on scene with him and threatening him. The complainant told Brooks when he arrived that he and his wife had been having trouble with the neighbor’s dogs coming into their yard, being aggressive and destroying property. His wife reported that the dogs have killed their cats in the past. They also said they had reported the dogs to animal control in the past, who told them it was OK to shoot the dogs if they were on their property. Brooks confirmed that animal control had been at the residence in February. The complainant said he had fired at the dogs before in an attempt to scare them off, but is sure that he hit at least one of them on this occasion. The complainant said after he shot the dogs, he could hear the owners yelling at him through the woods saying they would “*(%GH” kill him.” Officers then made contact with the dogs’ owners who said the injured dog was still alive and they were about to take it to the vet. They were advised of the county ordinance for pets and told that a report would be on file.

•Two suicide attempts were reported last week.


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