Magistrate Court Judge David Patton released the following statistics for his office for 2020:

•Warrants issued: 578 felony arrest, 683 misdemeanor arrest, 2 good behavior, 49 search warrants.

•Hearings: 21 warrant application hearings, 633 first bond appearances, 1 good behavior.

Criminal cases

•Ordinance violations: 264 citations and accusations, 121 non-trial dispositions, 43 trials

•Misdemeanors: 7 citations and accusations and 6 non-trial dispositions

Civil cases

•Statements of claim: 509 cases filed, 395 non-trial dispositions, 10 trial/traverse

•Disposessories/distress warrants: 146 cases filed, 70 non-trial dispositions, 68 trial/traverse

•Garneshments: 19 cases filed, 16 non-trial dispositions, 1 trial/traverse

•Foreclosures/amendments: six cases filed and four non-trial dispositions


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