A Carlton man was arrested last week after someone on Dogwood Hills Drive in Carlton reported that he had placed a pipe bomb inside a neighboring mailbox.

Edward Herschel Nunn, Jr., 46, was charged with battery family violence, first degree criminal damage to property, criminal trespass family violence, manufacture, distribute, possess with intent to distribute, offer to distribute, possess/transport/receive/explosives/destructive devices with intent to kill, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of methamphetamine and felony terroristic threats and acts.

On Oct. 2, Sgt. Jason Gaddy responded and met with a man who told him that early on Oct. 1 he was home when he heard a loud explosion, but “didn’t think anything of it.” He said later in the day a neighboring woman had her daughter come up the road to tell him that someone had blown up their mailbox with a pipe bomb. The girl told him that they had already cleaned up all the nails from the device.

The man went on to tell Gaddy that this neighbor is running a “drug house” and that he has already reported the suspected drug dealings to the sheriff’s office, but that nothing has been done about it so far. Gaddy explained to the complainant that these investigations take time and that officers cannot simply go into someone’s house and search for drugs based on a complaint. The man then stated that he understood. Gaddy then asked him why he was reporting the mailbox being blown up instead of his neighbor and he replied that he didn’t know why his neighbor hadn’t reported it but that he was worried about escalating violence in the neighborhood. He also told Gaddy that the daughter told him that they thought Nunn was the person who placed the pipe bomb.

At the time of the report, Gaddy noted that there was no evidence of an explosion at the neighbor’s home, being that the wooden post was still intact and undamaged, though the mailbox had been removed so he could not observe any damage to it.

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, the sheriff’s office posted the following on its Facebook page:

“Some in the county may have noticed the large police presence at the Dollar General in Carlton today. If you noticed, I’m sure you was (sic) wondering what was going on,” the post stated. “A subject living on Berkley Rd., Edward Nunn, 46 years old, was wanted by the Sheriff’s Office for several felony and misdemeanor warrants. Mr. Nunn is a convicted felon and has previously been charged with possession of firearm by convicted felon and numerous other crimes. This past weekend, Mr. Nunn thought it was a good idea to place a pipe bomb in someone’s mailbox and detonate it. No one was injured in Mr. Nunn’s idiotic endeavor. Due to Mr. Nunn’s prior criminal history and the possibility he had more explosives, we requested assistance from the GBI to help execute a search warrant at Nunn’s residence. Additionally, the Georgia State Patrol swat team, Department of Corrections K-9 division and MCCD assisted with the execution of the search warrant. As officers were pulling into the driveway, Mr. Nunn tried his best to flee on foot to evade arrest, but he was no match for a bloodhound with its nose to the ground. After a brief track by the K-9 team, Mr. Nunn was apprehended and taken into custody without any further incident.”


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