A man on Pittman Mathews Road reported that he had been attacked and bitten by two dogs in a ditch next to his driveway. He and witness said one dog was a brindle pit bull and a brown hunting dog with a red collar. The witness said he came upon the attack and when he stopped the dogs ran away but then turned around and headed back towards them. The witness said he fired two rounds from his handgun to scare the dogs off. The case was forwarded to animal control after the deputy was unable to locate the animals.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•A truck fire was reported in a driveway on Sailor’s Road in Hull last week. The vehicle, which was completely engulfed by flames, had just been purchased by the owner who told the responding officer he had cranked the vehicle and turned on the heat that morning then heard the horn honking and saw the truck on fire.

•A woman on Duffell Martin Road reported that her purse was stolen from her vehicle in her front yard. She said she realized the purse was missing when she was contacted by the bank about an unauthorized use of a credit card. She named two suspects in the theft.

•A woman on Faye Carey Road was bitten last week by a feral cat she was feeding. The cat was humanely euthanized and its head was submitted to the state for rabies testing and the woman was advised to receive medical treatment.

•A woman on Sailors Road reported that a company had fraudulently contacted her by phone about paying off her student loans and that she had given the caller her debit card information. The loan company advised her to report it as fraud.

•There was an altercation at the middle school last week involving three juveniles.

•A woman on Hwy. 29 South said the garage behind her residence was broken into and a starter for her car, along with other items were missing. She named a juvenile who lives behind her as a suspect.


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