A Danielsville man was arrested last week after he allegedly hit his wife with a baseball bat in front of his young sons during a domestic dispute at their home on Stoyle Hattaway Road.

Vincent Rocco DePeri, 51, was charged with aggravated assault and second-degree cruelty to children (felony).

Deputy Austin Shubert was dispatched to Madison County EMS Station 1 on Hwy. 98 regarding the incident.

He met with a woman there who said her husband (DePeri) hit her with a bat. She said he had left the residence possibly heading to a hotel in the Commerce/Banks Crossing area and was driving a white Chevy Traverse. Shubert had dispatch run his information, which came back that he had active warrants out of Oglethorpe County.

Shubert observed that the woman’s knuckles and fingers on her right hand were bruised and swollen.

Deputies were sent to the home to see if they could locate DePeri but he was not found.

The woman told Shubert she was swapping several items from her vehicle to DePeri’s vehicle when he got upset because she “touched his stuff.” She said she turned to walk away when she felt something hit her on the right side of her head behind her ear and her right hand. At the time, she was unsure what hit her until her small sons told her that their dad (DePeri) had hit her with a bat.

She said she remembered seeing him holding a kids’ metal baseball bat prior to her turning around. Shubert observed bruising along the back right side of the woman’s head with a small laceration that was bleeding above her ear. She declined medical treatment for her injuries. She told Shubert she dropped the kids off with her mother, who lives across the road to come meet with deputies. She also told Shubert that she has suffered hairline fractures to her ribs from other domestic incidents with her husband in the past.

Shubert then went to meet with the children in their grandmother’s presence. One boy told him that he saw his dad hit his mother with one of their baseball bats. He was unsure of the color of the bat since there were multiple bats in the trunk of the vehicle and it was dark outside, he said. Shubert then went to the home to locate the possible weapon and while he was there a white Chevy Traverse pulled into the yard with DePeri driving.

Due to being told twice to keep his hands out of his pockets and the fact that he had active warrants for his arrest, he was handcuffed during questioning.

DePeri told officers that he and his wife argued and she started to swing a bat at him so he threw a bag at her, but denied anything physical happened between them. Shubert noted that DePeri was unable to concentrate on questions being asked and his statement kept changing. He was arrested and taken to jail.

In another arrest, June Yvonne Armistead, 59, of Colbert, was charged with one count of aggravated assault after she reportedly shot her boyfriend with a BB gun and tried to run him over with her truck.

Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to Goss Lane regarding a “heated domestic dispute” that was called into 911 by a third party.

The call information was that a female in a truck was attempting to run over a male in the road. When Rice arrived in the area he had no contact with any vehicles in the road, but made contact with people in front of a Goss Lane address who pointed him to the neighbor’s house across the road. Rice and Sgt. Mark Goodson then made contact with Armistead.

She informed them that she has been in an ongoing physical domestic dispute at the home for the last two days with a man. Deputies noted that she had a scratch on her face below her lip and she told them that she might have some broken ribs. She said that the man had left on foot before they arrived. She was told to go inside the home and lock the door while they attempted to locate the man. She stated she did not want EMS to come check on her.

The officers scouted the area but were unable to locate the man and went back to Armistead’s home. She told them that she had invited the man over to her home but that things had gotten heated over the past two days. She also mentioned a previous incident in which the man was arrested (Goodson was familiar with this).

She stated that two days ago she tried to leave the residence and the man would not let her. She stated that he threatened her and slammed her to the porch approximately three times. She indicated that she might have broken ribs from that incident. Armistead stated that he also held her down in her bedroom during that incident. She showed them bruising on her arms that appeared to be from within the past few days. She said the man threatened her so she did not call 911 for those incidents. She said that morning he woke her up demanding breakfast and was mad and attempted to smother her with a pillow. Later during the investigation, she admitted to shooting the man with a BB gun as he was smothering her. She had made no mention of this detail in her initial interview.

She said the man left the house and her dog followed him and she got in the truck and went after her dog. She admitted to blocking the road while trying to get her dog and said she was yelling for help and for someone to call 911. She said the man had taken her phone but later admitted it was in the bedroom, but had the battery removed.

Armistead initially stated that she had only known him for about six months, that they were not married, did not live together nor did they have children together. She indicated he stayed there some, but did not live there.

From Sgt. Goodson’s previous encounter at the residence, this was later determined to be untrue.

From there, it was determined that this as actually a family violence case. She was reluctant to press charges saying she was scared of him.

Deputy Rice went to speak with a neighbor who was a witness. The witness told him that earlier in the morning Armistead drove her truck into the road and pulled into his driveway and he did not hear her yelling for help “in any fashion.” He stated that she then went back to her house and shortly afterwards, he saw the man on foot with Armistead behind him in the truck and that it appeared that she was trying to run him over. He said he did not hear either party calling for help. He said that the man later asked for a ride, but that they did not give him one. He said the only thing he heard was Armistead yelling something about her dog was going to be hit.

Officers then went to a home on Peachtree Street where they spoke with the man involved in the incident. He admitted that there had been a physical altercation with Armistead; however, he said he was the one trying to leave and she would not let him. He denied harming her but said she did complain of pain in her ribs and that she would call 911 if he left her. He also said she shot him with a BB gun and showed them an injury to his chest. He also had scratches all across his back and sides. He also said she tried to run him down in her truck and he had to get behind a tree to keep from being hit.

Based on the evidence, Armistead was arrested and taken to jail.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•James Russell Stewart, 26, of Winterville, was charged with public indecency after a woman came out of the Comer Valero store and reportedly saw him sitting in the driver’s seat of a black Ford Crown Victoria parked next to hers “playing with his penis.” She got the tag number of the vehicle and reported what she saw at city hall but did not leave her name and did not want to make an official report.

•Tyler Kenneth Anderson, 23, Hull, probation violation.

•Homer Lee Carter, 60, Hull, three counts of probation violation.

•Wendell Daniel Coker, 32, Hull, driving while license suspended or revoked, DUI/alcohol, failure to stop for stop sign and open container.

•Brantley Kip Cowart, 50, Commerce, probation violation.

•Christopher William Fleming, 25, Danielsville, probation violation.

•Brandon Lee Fowler, 35, Hull, probation violation.

•Brandon Lamar Grant, 26, Hull, disorderly conduct and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence.

•Shannon Holt Martin, 54, Comer, maintaining a disorderly house.

•McKinley Robert Pappe, 60, Elberton, probation violation.

•Kamerun Dru Pirkle, 21, Athens, probation violation.

•William Brent Swilling, 34, Athens, probation violation.

•Nicholas Lamar Dockery, 24, Statham, reckless driving and speeding.

•Daniel MacDougald, IV, 44, Danielsville, hold for South Carolina.

•Tyquarious L. Maxwell, 19, Hull, criminal trespass family violence and simple assault family violence

•Russell William Nelms, 22, Carlton, defective or no headlights, DUI/alcohol and tail lights required.

•Matt Roberson Wilson, 21, Winterville, hold for Clarke County.

•Norman Leonard Wymbs, 54, Hull, failure to appear and speeding.


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