A Danielsville man was charged with criminal trespass recently after he refused to stay off his landlord’s property. Joseph Raleigh Flanagan, 26, 650 Pinetree Road, was arrested after he repeatedly went to his landlord, who is also his neighbor, while intoxicated, after he was told by Deputy Douglas Martin to stay at his home.

According to the incident report, the landlord first called 911 after she heard Flanagan “screaming and throwing items in his residence,” thinking there was some type of dispute going on. But Flanagan told deputy Martin that he was upset because his mother had left his residence with his friend and that he “did not approve of his mother’s behavior.”

A short time later, Flanagan went to his landlord’s residence, knocking on the door and telling her that he wanted to “discuss his mother’s behavior.” The landlord told him to go home and then called 911 again. Flanagan was found outside his own residence and told to stay at home. About 10 minutes later, the landlord called 911 for the third time to report that Flanagan had come back to her residence. Deputy Martin found Flanagan at her front door this time, “knocking and yelling.” He was arrested and taken to jail.

In other incidents, two Hull men were charged last week with pedestrian under the influence.

In one incident, Russell Scott Hamilton, 39, 142 Grady Drive, was arrested after a clerk at a store in Hull reported that Hamilton, who appeared to be intoxicated, was asking customers for money as they approached the store.

A deputy found Hamilton as he walked along Grady Drive. noting that he appeared to be stumbling and unsteady on his feet.

In the second incident, Julior Cesar Flores, 27, 1088 McCannon Morris Road, was arrested after a deputy found him walking along the shoulder of Hwy. 72 at Pope Miller Road. When asked if he had had anything to drink he reportedly told the deputy that he’d had “about six beers.”

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