A man was shot last week on Kincaid Street in Colbert by a teen who allegedly owes him money.

Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to the scene along with Cpl. Zach Brooks. When they arrived, no one was at the residence but dispatch was able to get information from the victim that the incident had occurred in the driveway and officers located fresh blood.

After officers knocked on the door and the sides of the residence, a man came to the door with a cell phone in his hand.

He was asked to show both his hands and he then stuck one hand back inside the home.

He was then ordered to come out get on the ground and detained with handcuffs behind his back.

The man told them two more people “might be” inside and named a man and a woman. More officers arrived and they went inside where there was a strong odor of marijuana. No one else was found, but a bag of marijuana leaves was spotted in plain sight on a table.

The detained man told Cpl. Brooks he had heard what he thought was a firecracker but seemed unaware that someone had been shot.

Several officers remained on scene while Rice went to Piedmont Athens Regional to meet with the victim who was taken there by his girlfriend.

She said that the victim, his brother and the man officers had detained all lived together at the home. She also said she, and the girlfriend of the victim’s brother were there that evening.

She said someone owed her boyfriend money and this man called him and told him he was coming over. She provided a possible name. When he arrived, her boyfriend went outside and she looked out the window and saw multiple people outside so she went to get the brother and his girlfriend. Then she heard three gunshots. She said the brother helped her load her boyfriend into her SUV and she thinks he and his girlfriend may have left after that.

She said the suspect(s) were in a burgundy or red SUV.

The victim told him that a person he knows who is about 17 or 18 owes him $180 for about two months.

He provided an address for this person. He supposedly came over to pay his debt but when he arrived, he went over to the driver’s side of the vehicle but was told to go to the passenger side, where the man who owed him was sitting.

He said he didn’t know the others in the vehicle. He said they “jumped him” and he was fighting back and heard someone say “I’mma pop him” then two or three shots. He said his glasses were knocked off during the fight so he wasn’t sure who shot him. He was shot once in his left leg and once in his right leg.

In another incident, Tony Dwayne Alford, 58, of Carlton, was charged with cruelty to animals and influencing a witness after someone reported a dog being shot on Carl Tolbert Road.

Responding deputies were told by dispatch that it was a possible domestic dispute.

Deputy Austin Shubert spoke with a witness who said he was sitting on his front porch when he heard a large caliber rifle go off and that seconds later his German Shepherd came running from the direction of the gunshot, with a bullet wound in his back leg. Shubert noted it appeared to be a flesh wound.

Both the man and his wife said they have had numerous problems with their neighbor (Alford) poaching and shooting in the direction of their house. The man said DNR officers are aware of the situation between the neighbors.

The wife left to take the dog to the vet. And Shubert and Sgt. Jason Gaddy followed the blood trail into the woods in the direction of Paoli Road and found a small trail leading to the rear of a home on that road. Officers were unable to locate any blood prior to crossing onto the property of the suspect. They went to the home and met with Alford who denied any knowledge of the dog being shot, while avoiding eye contact and making short answers. They also spoke with a witness and ended up arresting Alford.

•Attempted theft was reported last week on Louse Drive at Davis Street in Hull. Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to the scene where dispatch advised the caller chased the suspect and now her vehicle was stuck on top of the suspect’s bicycle.

She met with the caller, who told Gibson that she was driving down Davis Street in her Honda CRV with her teenage daughter when she was two juvenile males she recognized flagging her down.

One was on a bike, the other on foot. One of them came to her window and asked her to make change for a $100 bill that she realized was fake as it had “motion picture use only” printed on it.

She shouted at the boys, who took off down Louise Drive and she put her Honda in revers and backed up on a curve warning sign, causing damage to the vehicle. She then gave chase to the juveniles who ran off the road and into the grass. The juvenile on the bike dropped it into the grass and continued to flee on foot and the victim’s SUV left the roadway, running over the bike, which became wedged underneath her SUV. Gibson noted that she drove 45 feet off the roadway before stopping.

She tried to reverse off of the bike to make another attempt to get after the boys but was unable to do so, so she called 911.

A towing company was contacted to remove her SUV from the bike and the bike was collected as evidence. The fake $100 bill was also collected as evidence. The victim was issued a traffic citation for improper backing. The incident remains under investigation.

•Warrants have been issued for a man who reportedly ran over his girlfriend in the driveway of a home on Della Slaton Road last week. Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to the scene. While on the way, distpatch informed him that the suspect was driving a white Ford Ranger with SC plates when he ran over the woman. A BOLO (be on the lookout) was given for the truck to surrounding counties. When Bennett arrived, he found a woman on the ground with a broken leg. EMS was called to attend to her. The victim’s mother told him that she walked outside to put wood into the greenhouse when she heard screaming and saw her daughter lying in the driveway screaming in pain while the boyfriend was fleeing the scene in the truck. She said he almost struck her and she could positively identify the driver. She was also able to provide a tag number. The victim was taken by EMS to a local hospital for treatment.

•A landlord on Eugene Hardman Road reported a new table saw stolen. He told Deputy Kenneth Bowen that he suspects the tenant of taking the saw after he told him he couldn’t rent from him after he witnessed him smoking marijuana on the premises.

•A Glock handgun was stolen from a vehicle at a residence on Hwy. 29 North.

•A manager at Ingles reported that multiple shoplifting suspects got into a gray Dodge Ram and left the store heading toward Hwy. 106. The manager followed the suspect vehicle while notifying dispatch of his location. He also said all of the stolen items were taken from the suspects in the parking lot before they left the scene. A Georgia State Patrol officer made a traffic stop on the vehicle on Cooper Farm Road in Nicholson. All the suspects were issued a criminal trespass warning from the store and released at the scene. The manager was advised of the warrant process should he wish to pursue charges.


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