Family violence warrants have been issued for a man after an incident on Hwy. 98 East recently. Deputy Zachary Brooks went to the scene and met with a woman who said that the man (who had left the scene by the time he arrived) had been there fighting with her daughter. She said she was not there at the time of the fight but that he had reportedly left walking on Hwy. 98 East.

The daughter said that they were fighting over money her mother owed him.

She said he ended up grabbing and pushing her special needs brother into his room.

She said she tried to get in between them and the suspect grabbed her by the hair and slung her into the bathroom, causing her to break the toilet seat and strike her head on the toilet. The two have two children together who were present during the altercation, as well as her other two children from another father.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office included:

•Deputy Jordan Scotland spoke with a woman on June 5 who wanted to report identity fraud. She told Scotland by phone that she believed she was a victim of identity fraud.

She said she called a former employer in Home Depot about funds in a 401K and was told that the funds had been sent to her 2008, 2009 and 2010, though she didn’t make a request or receive any of the money, which had reportedly been transferred a to another account that she was unfamiliar with. The amount was just under $10,000 over the three-year period.

She was provided with a case number in reference to the incident and advised that if she needed a copy she would be able to obtain it in the next two business days. The victim said she was told there was really no way to figure out where the money went or whom it was sent to due to the fact that so much time had lapsed since it had occurred.

•A 13-year old boy called 9-1-1 last week to report that a friend of his was allegedly being molested. Deputy Josh Fowler spoke by phone with the boy, who told him that he had been texting with a girl since school got out and that the previous night she told him that her mom was gone and her dad was home alone with her. She said that when the two are alone, he “does things to her.” The boy said he tried to get the girl to call 9-1-1 for help, but she got off the phone and refused to answer any more texts. All he could tell Deputy Fowler was her name and phone number, but he did not know where she lived. Fowler had 9-1-1 dispatch to check out some possible addresses and after coming off shift he traveled to some and eventually located the girl’s home. He made contact with a woman there who said she was the girl’s guardian. The woman also said that the girl has access to some of her cell phones, but did not have one of her own. Fowler and the woman then met with the girl, who admitted she had spoken with the boy, but denied that she had said anything about being molested. Fowler told her he had seen the messages from her phone, but she still denied sending the messages and that she didn’t even live with her father so it made no sense. She said she thinks someone used a app using her phone to text the boy.

•A man on Crystal Creek Drive reported that his 14-year old daughter had been exchanging nude pictures with a 17-year old Walton County boy. Deputy Austin Blake met with the man and the girl’s stepmother on June 6.

The stepmother stated that she had recovered the phone from the girl and that while going through it she saw

“nasty messages” and pictures on text message, Snapchat, Instagram, and Kik. She stated there are pictures of both her step daughter and the boy. The father advised that this had been going roughly a year but they had just now caught on to it. Blake then viewed some of the messages which included statements about the girl getting pregnant and a picture of her half-nude. They said they had contacted Walton County but were told to make a report in Madison County. The case was turned over to investigations.

•Possible child molestation was reported on in east Madison County. Investigator Douglas Martin was contacted by a DFACS employee who said that during a therapy session a sibling of a juvenile male reported inappropriate touching of their brother by an adult relative. Martin advised the DFACS worker to establish a safety plan where the relative is not to have any contact with the victim until a forensic interview or follow up is completed.

•Criminal trespass was reported on Osley Mill Road last week. Deputy Greg Bryson met with a woman about property damage. She said she had a dump truck deliver a load of gravel to her property by an Elberton granite company and while spreading the gravel the truck driver allegedly struck and tore down her fence and left without stopping. The company said it did not know if it was responsible for the damage or not. She estimated the cost of the damage at $600. She was advised to contact the magistrate court’s office.

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