A man was apparently “shot” in the knee while he was burning trash with bullets in it last week. Two officers were dispatched to Hannah Creek Church Road on March 14, along with Madison County EMS, regarding a medical call about knee pain.

Deputy Zach Brooks arrived and met with a man who was sitting inside his home on the couch with a bruised and swollen knee. Brooks also noted that the man had a very small puncture wound on his knee.

The man stated that he was burning trash the previous night around 11 p.m. when something in the burning trash exploded and something from the explosion hit his knee, knocking him down. He said following this, he went inside and went to sleep, but woke up about 4:40 a.m. that morning unable to move his leg.

EMS transported the man to an Athens hospital. About 7:41 a.m., Brooks received a phone call from dispatch saying the hospital staff called and told them that the man had a bullet lodged in his knee. The staff also told them he was “burning bullets” because there are kids living in his house.

In another incident, an officer was dispatched to Rose Hill Drive on March 11 regarding a domestic disturbance. A woman there told him that she and her mother got into a verbal and physical altercation about how to discipline her child.

She said when she tried to leave with her son, her mother grabbed the boy and stopped her from leaving the home.

At that point, mother and daughter began to push each other, according to the daughter’s account, and she admitted that she pushed the palm of her hand into her mother’s face. The mother said she was just worried about her grandson’s safety and that every time she speaks with her daughter she reportedly talks about “whooping” her son. She said today she noticed a bruise on her grandson’s arm.

Neither woman could tell the officer who pushed who first and both had noticeable marks on their faces. The officer told the grandmother if she is concerned about her grandson’s safety she could contact the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS).

Other incidents on file the sheriff’s office last week included:

•Stalking was reported on Archer Road last week. No other details were available but the investigation is continuing, according to the report.

•A attempted suicide by overdose was reported in the county last week.

•An officer was dispatched to Stagecoach Way March 15 regarding an argument between mother and son. Neighbors told the officer that they saw the pair arguing and that the son ran into the woods behind the residence. Dispatch had already advised the officer that the son had an active warrant out of Franklin County.

The officer began searching for the son and found a blanket and bag on the ground in a patch of bamboo trees.

He saw the son at the bag and saw him walk away from it, then saw him behind a tree burying something.

He was taken into custody for Franklin County and officers discovered that he had buried syringes and swabs, along with the man’s ID card and a smoking device.

Inside the bag he found several empty bottle of a narcotic and a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

The man was transported to Franklin County on the outstanding warrant and warrants were issued in Madison County for the evidence found in the woods.

•A juvenile male was charged with drugs in a school safety zone, possession of marijuana and obstruction of an officer after school resource officer Lt. Mark Jerome met with an assistant principal at the high school who told him that the smell of marijuana had observed coming from the boys’ restroom on the first floor of the high school. After reviewing the video system, two male students were brought to the office and questioned. One of the students denied knowing anything about the smell and was released. The second student was charged.

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