A Comer man was arrested recently after allegedly exposing himself repeatedly to his neighbors through the windows of his home. James Thomas Garrett, 69, 791 Hwy. 72 East, was charged with three counts of public indecency/indecent exposure (felony after two prior convictions).

According to the incident report, the sheriff’s office received several complaints about Garrett standing in front of his windows unclothed so his neighbors could see him. When officers questioned Garrett about the complaints, he explained that he sleeps unclothed and that he walks around his residence unclothed and that he “can’t help that people look through his windows.”

Officer Bradley Free noted that all the windows in the home were uncovered where neighbors on both sides could see Garrett unclothed and advised him that he needed to have his blinds closed when he is walking around naked.

Officers also spoke with two neighbors, one who said that on Dec. 1 and again on Dec. 3, Garrett was standing in his window naked looking at her. On Dec. 3, she stated that he was also “fondling himself with one hand and waving at her with the other.” She also said that he stands in the window naked when she puts her young daughter on the bus.

Another neighbor on the other side, who Free noted had made previous complaints about Garrett, stated that he constantly stands in the window naked where she can see him and that he has come onto her property and left a note on the door “wanting her to come over and be friends.” She stated that when it is warm outside, he constantly tries to call over there, even when she has her 2-year old son with her. She gave the note allegedly written by Garrett to the officer as well.

In another arrest, Tracy Lynn Greene, 45, 221 Williams Wilson Road, Hull, was charged with battery FVA after she and her juvenile son allegedly got into an altercation at their home last week.

According to the report, several deputies responded because one of the offenders had made the statement that it “might take five deputies.” Ms. Greene said she and her son were arguing over a cell phone and that her son got upset and started beating on the walls and cursing at her. He then reportedly kicked her door down to her bedroom where she was lying and that she told him to “quit acting stupid.” He then reportedly grabbed her by the throat and slung her against the wall, then grabbed her again around the neck and threw her on the floor. The son said his mother had slapped him and made the statements that he is stupid and “acts just like his father did” and that she wanted to beat the “h… out of him” or kill him. He said that he took his pocketknife out of his pocket and opened it and laid it in front of his mother and said, “here the knife is.” Both subjects had marks on their faces and necks and both were arrested. The son was taken to the youth detention center in Gainesville.

Others arrested by Madison County law enforcement officer recently included:

•Dennis Caleb Blanton, 21, 325 Hardman Mathis Road, Athens, financial transaction card fraud.

•Tasha Perlina Bonner, 30, 552 Sewell Mill Road, Ila, holding for other county.

•Tammy Marie Brooks, 42, 2707 Commerce Road, Jefferson, failure to appear.

•Stanley Eddie Crowe, 41, 500 Huntington Road, Athens, public drunkenness.

•Rebecca Faith Davidson, 39, Gosnell Hutto Road, Danielsville, theft by receiving stolen property.

•Wesley Lamar Flanagan, 30, 93 Jeff Sharp Road, Colbert, probation violation.

•Leanne Christine Fox, 23, 691 Nitra Drive, Breman, GA, probation violation.

•Reshema Nicole Hall, 23, 100 Rolling Ridge Drive, Apt. 376, Athens, hold for Oconee County.

•Keisha Michelle Hughes, 23, 956 McCannon Morris Road, Hull, no proof of insurance, knowing driving motor vehicle on suspended, cancelled or revoked registration and failure to dim headlights.

•Terry James Hughes, 46, 141 Rogers Mill Road, Danielsville, theft by receiving stolen property and failure to appear.

•Levi Seth Johnson, 29, 1671 Hwy. 59, Commerce, failure to appear.

•John Lamar Kilpatrick, 46, 433 Hwy. 72 East, Comer, marijuana possession less than announce, weaving over roadway and DUI/drugs.

•Gregory Keith Marable, 46, 971 Jack Sharp Road, Colbert, failure to appear.

•Armondo Frank Melhorn, Jr., 24, 509 Hickory Hills Road, Danielsville, order to incarcerate.

•Dawn Marie Pressley, 37, 1377 Popular Street, Stockbridge, probation violation.

•Mike David Puleo, 30, 872 Smithonia Road, Winterville, failure to appear, battery and aggravated assault.

•Eddie Rittenberry, Jr., 58, 180.5 Indiana Avenue, Athens, probation violation.

•Desiree Louise Ross, 26, 640 Jack Sharp Road, Colbert, failure to obey stop sign, DUI, DUI/drugs, theft by taking and three counts of burglary.

•Angelina Marie Sharpe, 47, 117 Bedord Drive, Hull, two counts of harassing phone calls.

•Barry Jerome Smith, 42, 165 Cotton Circle, Colbert, deposit account fraud.

•Leslie Anai Tapia-Hernandez, 24, 9574 Hwy. 72 West, Lot 23, Hull, driving without a valid license.

•Bryon Christopher Waters, 27, 664 Jordan Street, Royston, DUI/alcohol and weaving over roadway.

•Morgan Robert Woods, 55, 2866 Rogers Mill Road, Danielsville, failure to appear.

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