Automobiles at five residences in Mason Mill subdivision on Mason Mill Road north of Danielsville were reportedly burglarized in a single night recently. According to the incident reports, officer Matthew Pilkington responded to a call at a residence in Mason Mill Saturday morning when a couple called dispatch to report that all four of their vehicles had been broken into. A Glock 17 was taken from the husband’s vehicle, a Smith and Wesson pistol, a purse and wallet with credit cards and driver’s license were taken from the wife’s vehicle and two guitars were taken from another vehicle. A fourth vehicle was entered but nothing was taken. The owners noted that all the vehicles were unlocked at the time of the burglary. The woman’s wallet was reportedly found later in the day on the side of Hwy. 29 in Franklin County, along with her driver’s license and credit cards.

While the officer was still at the scene, a next door neighbor reported that both his vehicles had also been entered. A wallet and driver’s license were reported missing from one of the vehicles.

A third call came in about another vehicle being broken into in the neighborhood. A woman at a Danielsville business called to report that when she got in her vehicle at her Mason Mill residence, she noticed that it had been rummaged through. All that she could find missing was approximately $2.50 worth of quarters. The vehicle was unlocked at the time of the theft.

A fourth call came in at another Mason Mill Residence. Two people there reported that a van and a car had been gone through. Insurance cards and vehicle registration cards were reportedly taken from the van and a car charger was taken from the car. Both vehicles were reportedly unlocked when the crime occurred.

While at this scene, a fifth call came in for a residence next door, where a man reported that someone went into his unlocked pick up truck and took the face plate to his CD player/stereo and a Canon Sureshot camera from underneath the seat. All of his belongings inside the truck had also been gone through.

Officer Pilkington was able to photograph identical footprints of a possible suspect at two of the residences.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•A long haul truck driver on Woodale Street reported that one of the windows on his home was broken when he came home. Nothing was missing from inside the home, but several closet doors were left open.

•A man reported that his elderly father, who lives on Glenn Carrie Road, has been taken in by a scam that started out as if his dad had won a car. He said his father is now $40,000 into the scam and that he is working to become his father’s power of attorney. He said his father had changed his father’s account and phone numbers but somehow the scammers were able to obtain his new information.

•A man on Woodale Street reported that someone had ransacked his home while he and his family were gone, even going through the children’s room. The victim was to call with a detailed list of what was missing after they went through the clutter left behind.

•A man and his son on Evangelical Church Road reported that someone stole an a/c unit, an a/c recovery unit, a table saw and air compressor from a shop at their house.

•A nurse at Cobb Memorial Hospital reported a possible case of child molestation on Parham Town Road after the child was brought into the emergency room.

•A woman on Hwy. 29 North reported that her husband tried to choke her and threw her to the ground after she found him cheating on her and confronted him. The victim told officer Burl Johnson that she ran to neighbor’s house to have a friend come pick her up and that while she was waiting, a white Ford Escalade came out of her driveway and began traveling back and forth in the road in front of the residence. When her friend got to Bluestone Baptist Church the Escalade pulled up beside her and a woman she knows confronted her and said “You better get her before I do or I’m gonna kill the b#@%#.” Since there were no marks on the victim and the offenders had left the scene, the victim was explained the warrant and TPO process. Later, the female offender in this case called dispatch for about a “cruelty to children” incident. Johnson met with the woman at the Golden Pantry in Danielsville where she showed him pictures on her cell phone of a child’s bruised buttocks. She said she had guardianship of the child in question and that the injuries are from his mother (the victim in first case) spanking him while she was visiting with him.

•Someone on Pebblebrook Lane reported that a man pawned a chainsaw that he had borrowed from him.

The victim said the chainsaw was new and “still in the box.”

•Two guns and a laptop computer were reportedly stolen from a residence on Timber Ridge Lane last week.

•A woman on Snow Farm Road reported that someone had stolen merchandise from her unlocked vehicle at her residence. The offender has also went through her glove compartment and pulled out her papers.

•A man on Moon’s Grove Church Road reported that someone had stolen items from his vehicle’s center console.

•A man on Hwy. 72 East reported that cows that did not belong to him had been grazing on his property “for years” and he was tired of it. He believes the cows belong to an elderly neighbor.

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