A Rayle man was arrested last week after he was spotted in a field off Adams Clarke Road wearing only shorts and appearing to be under the influence of something.

Christopher Eugene Nixon, 23, was ultimately charged with a probation violation, pedestrian under the influence and felony theft by taking.

On April 12, Deputy Austin Shubert responded to the area after it was reported that a vehicle was stopped in the middle of Adams Clarke Road with the driver’s door ajar and no one around it. While en route, dispatch informed he and other officers that a man was spotted in a field nearby.

Shubert found a man who matched the description given walking in the roadway, talking to himself and moving his arms excessively. He was later identified as Nixon. As Shubert spoke with him he noted that he had multiple injuries to his legs and stomach area and “dirt circles” in multiple spots that looked similar to where heart monitors had been placed.

Nixon, it was noted, also had pinpoint pupils and was extremely paranoid. He was holding a car key and a rock in his hands. He denied knowing whose car was in the middle of the road and said he did not drive up in it. He told Shubert he had left Piedmont Athens Regional earlier in the day after being evaluated and discharged. He said he had been involved in a scooter accident. He was arrested at that point for pedestrian under the influence.

The car was traced to its owner who said he had dropped it off at a nearby repair shop earlier where it was apparently taken. The hospital, when contacted, said Nixon had left before being evaluated and discharged.

An incident was later reported of a vehicle being entered at the same automotive repair shop.

In another arrest, a Danielsville husband and wife were taken into custody last week following a domestic dispute at their home on Rock Quarry Road.

Douglas Dotson Allen, 49, was charged with battery family violence and Rebecca Jean Allen, 45, was charged with

battery family violence and criminal trespass family violence.

On April 18, Deputy Austin Shubert was dispatched to Rock Quarry Road about a physical domestic dispute. While he and other officers were on the way, dispatch informed them the original complainant had called back and said they did not want officers to come to the home. Due to possible family violence, deputies continued to the residence.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy arrived on scene first and met with the caller, Mrs. Allen. Madison County EMS was requested to check her for minor injuries. Shubert arrived on scene a short time later and spoke with Mr. Allen.

Shubert noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person along with slurred speech and being unbalanced as he stood. Mr. Allen told Shubert that his wife suffers from issues that cause her to have episodes where she becomes irate. He also stated she drank two big bottles of wine and about 8 to 10 shots of liquor that day and that the argument had also been going on all day.

While he was in the shower, he said she came in and began to beat on the shower door. They then went into the living room where she tried to hit him. He said he wrapped his arms around his wife in an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Shubert reported that Mr. Allen had a minor laceration across his chest, along with multiple red marks on both wrists. He said she threw a box of wine at some point causing multiple bottles to break. Shubert refused medical treatment.

Due to the physical evidence, both parties were arrested.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Robbie Lee Gunter, 40, Hull, was charged with a probation violation and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. Deputy Carolyn Gibson was on routine patrol when she was advised by a passerby that a man went through the window of a residence on Hwy. 72 near the Breadbasket in Colbert by using a bucket as a step stool.

Gibson went to the home where she saw the upturned bucket and a man inside. She knocked on the door and Gunter came to the door, identified himself and said he had permission to be there to do some repairs for the owner. He then got the owner on the phone who affirmed this.

In the meantime, dispatch advised that Gunter had an active warrant for his arrest.

Gibson informed him of this and attempted handcuff him and he pulled away and ran from her. She deployed her Taser after ordering him to stop but the Taser did not make contact. He fled into the parking lot of a nearby bank where she managed to get both hand on him and take him to the ground and handcuff him.

•Ronnie Cooper, 61, Athens, two counts of probation violation.

•Barry Milton Galloway, 54, Colbert, battery family violence.

•Stanley Leroy Guest, 67, Hull, acquiring license plate for the purpose of concealing identification or vehicle, brake lights and turn signals required, driving while license suspended or revoked, failure to appear and theft by receiving stolen property.

•April Lynn Hart, 36, Royston, probation violation.

•Travis John Hill, 21, homeless, criminal trespass family violence.

•Christopher Andre Julian, 46, Colbert, failure to register as a sex offender/failure to comply with requirements/provided and a parole violation.

•Brandi Jane McBath, 42, Winterville, probation violation.

•Philip Michael Sims, 35, Comer, failure to drive within a single lane, possession of a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine and possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.

•Camry Marquita Smith, 26, Athens, felony bail jumping, driving while license suspended or revoked, felony failure to appear, false statements or writings; conceal facts or fraudulent documents, giving false name, address or birthdate to law enforcement officer and speeding.

•Christopher Michael Tarver, 46, Comer, first-degree arson, possession of tools for commission of a crime and terroristic threats and acts.

•Devonte Lamar Tolbert, 27, Midland, probation violation.

•Edward Paul Whitehead, Jr., 53, Danielsville, two counts of felony terroristic threats and acts.

•Randy Lee Wilhelm, 55, homeless, probation violation.

•Tiras Dejaney Nityah Jiai Anderson, 19, Athens, failure to appear.

•Madison Nicole Bugg, 20, Statham, possession of cocaine.

•Brett Ashley Cantrell, 44, Panama City, FL, brake lights and turn signals required, driving while license suspended or revoked and expired registration revalidation decal.

•Andrew Auther Carlson, 52, Greenville, SC, DUI/alcohol, failure to drive within a single lane and open container.

•Valentin Cayetano-Flores, 48, Athens, driving without a valid license.

•Terrance Malloy Ford, 55, Athens, hold for Clarke County.

•Donna Lynn Hollingsworth, 42, Commerce, failure to maintain lane and hit and run; duty of a driver to stop at or return to the scene of an accident.

•Austin Carter Mackey, 18, Athens, driving with no license on person and reckless driving.

•Jose Ramon Perez, 23, Atlanta, DUI/drugs, expired vehicle tag or decal, failure to drive within single lane an marijuana possession less than an ounce.

•Kristen Marie Ricks, 36, Williamston, SC, DUI/drugs and failure to drive within a single lane.

•Joshua Lee Strickland, 41, Comer, simple battery family violence.

•Olivia Miralrio Suarez, 43, Athens, driving without a valid license.

•Zachery Paul Thurmond, 20, Statham, meaning to traffic signals, purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution or sale of marijuana and speeding.

•Ian Bryce Vaughn, 18, Hull, hit and run; duty of driver to stop at or return to the scene of an accident.

•Macy Aliyah Vickers, 20, Hull, defective or no headlights, driving while license suspended or revoked and marijuana possession less than an ounce.


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