A Royston man, Frank Edwin Findley, was charged with battery after an alleged assault on Sewell Mill Road.

Deputy Josie Weaver was dispatched to St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens regarding a victim of domestic violence. Weaver saw several bruises on the victim, who said Findley had thrown gravel in her face, grabbed her with both hands and shoved her to the ground, put both knees on her back, grabbed her hair and slammed her head to the ground.

Weaver observed bruising on the victim’s stomach, back, elbow, both arms and under her left arm, as well as scratches on her back and several knots on top of her head. Weaver took photos of the injuries.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Deputy Joshua Rice took a call from a juvenile about possible child exploitation on June 4. The juvenile informed him that he has been communicating with an unknown person via the phone apps “Wink” and “What’s App.” He said that that day another unknown person told him that if he did not send them $200 they would post sexually explicit images of him. He was also told that if he blocked the account the images would be released.

He said the person he has been communicating with told him that “she” was from Austin TX and he also said that she has his phone number.

He said that his mother is not aware of the situation and Rice told him he would need to inform her due to the nature of the incident and that an investigator would be following up with them. Rice told him not to send any money or to have further contact with the individual(s).

•A man on 5th Street in Colbert reported a possible burglary. Deputy Joshua Rice met with the man and his father and the father told him that his son believes someone broke into the home while they were at the hospital.

Rice noted that he is familiar with the son from previous incidents and that on May 30 he was dispatched to Spring Branch Road regarding a possible structure fire. He noted that he was first to arrive during that incident and did not see any smoke but instead saw the son spraying the house with a garden hose. The son made several conflicting statements during that incident but no evidence of a fire was found. On June 2, Rice and two other officers were approached by the son at the Bread Basket where they told him that he believed someone was trying to burn down the residence on 5th Street where he and his family were now living. He mentioned incidents with wiring, finding pieces of paper and wood in the attic and other things. He was told to call the sheriff’s office during business hours and that someone could possibly come and investigate his claims, due to him saying that his parents were asleep at that time.

On this day, the son showed him several pieces of wiring in the basement that he stated were freshly cut. He also showed him some wiring that he said had been burned. He also mentioned that a hammer was lying in the floor had been moved, but Rice noted that the area was in such disarray that it was not possible to tell if it was actually out of place. In addition, he showed Rice a window in the basement that appeared to have been re-caulked several times, though the caulking appeared to be old. The son said he believed someone had tried to access the house through that window. The son said he was concerned for the safety of his family.

He said he has spoken with Captain Jimmy Patton, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and fire marshals but has been told than an investigation would have to begin at a lower level. Rice told him that he would complete a report for review to determine if further investigation was warranted. Rice noted that while on scene, neither of the parents seemed concerned about their son’s claims.

•On June 5, a small child wearing only a T-shirt and a diaper was found in the middle of Hardman Morris Road about 7:19 p.m. by passersby. Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to the scene and met with three witnesses standing on the side of the road with toddler.

They said they were traveling down Hardman Morrie Road toward Hwy. 72 when they noticed a small child walking down the road. They said they pulled over and got the child safely out of the road. Another witness who had left the scene told them he had seen the child walking from Madison Boulevard. The child would only say “mommy” over and over again. The child was wearing a shirt that said “Down’s Syndrome” on it and appeared to have the condition, according to the report.

Bennett was able to locate the where the child lived but couldn’t get anyone to come to the door. He then called DFACS and an on call caseworker said she would be coming to the scene to investigate. Bennett noted that the child was clean and seemed to be well taken care of. Lt. Jason Ring was able to get in touch with the mother who said she would be coming to the scene and he went back to the home where he found the front door unlocked but was still unable to get anyone to come to the door. The mother appeared very upset when she arrived and found out that her child had been walking in the middle of the road. She said he had left the child in the care of her 14-year-old daughter while she went to Kroger. They then spoke with the daughter, who said she and another juvenile were in the bedroom watching TV when they fell asleep and that once she woke up and noticed the toddler was missing she began to look for him. She said she had locked the deadbolt but that the toddler had learned to unlock it. The DFACS worker arrived and they walked through the home, which appeared in order. The worker asked if there was a way to keep the child from getting out again and the mother pointed out a lock had already been installed about six feet up on the door, that when used, would keep the toddler from getting outside. The toddler was released back to his mother’s care.

•A man on Neese Commerce Road reported that his 1995 white Cadillac Deville had been stolen. Deputy Mason Bennett was dispatched to the scene. The victim said he had been working in his shop when he noticed someone walking around the yard through cameras he has mounted on his property. When he came back to his house he noticed the car was gone. A be-on-the-lookout (BOLO) was issued for surrounding areas and a neighbor arrived on scene and said a man was dropped off by a female he knows moments before the theft. The informer did not say how he got that information. The victim said he had left his phone in the car so he was trying to use his “find my device” app to locate the vehicle that way. The vehicle was entered into the GCIC as stolen.

•EMS was called to assist after a man suffered possible smoke inhalation in a structure fire on Alberta Drive at 3:22 a.m., June 1. The Red Cross, sheriff’s office, Colbert, Comer, Danielsville, Hull also responded to the call.

•A woman blew out three tires on her vehicle after hitting a curb at the Dollar General in Hull.

•One person complained of back pain after a vehicle rollover on Hwy. 72 in Colbert at 1:45 a.m., June 4.

•A woman was bleeding from the head, nose and mouth and was unresponsive but breathing after driving a Nissan Altima into a tractor trailer that was backing up into a driveway on Hwy. 172 in Comer at 4:52 a.m., June 5.


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