The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has released the county’s sex offender registry as of Oct. 29:

•Jennifer A. Albano, 102 Denver Cambell Drive, Colbert

•Robert Alcala, unknown street address, Athens

•Deeb Randell Bailey, 309 Peachtree Street, Colbert

•Jonathan Adam Banks, 129 Daisy Drive, Danielsville

•Christopher Cruz Bennett, 205 O’Kelly Thomason Road, Danielsville

•James Bond, 173 Mae Drive, Danielsville

•Donna Elizabeth Booth, 194 Ed Coile Road, Hull

•Paul Clifford Booth, 476 Chandler Road, Danielsville

•Ryan Edward Bosley, 9511 Wildcat Bridge Road, Danielsville

•Barry M. Broadnax, 6814 Hwy. 106, Hull

•Kim McHatree Brown, 77 Thomas Road, Hull

•Kenneth Carruth, 158 Freeman Circle, Colbert

•Phillip Lee Carter, 85 Gunter Road, Colbert

•Eddie Martin Cowan, Box 17, 10 Stoneridge Drive, Colbert

•Richard Leon Craft, 251 Belhaven Lane, Hull

•Connie Gail Cummings, 2214 Spratlin Mill Road, Hull

•Steve Davis, 271 Amberly Lane, Hull

•David Curtis Dean, 319 Bond Road, Danielsville

•Dewey Lane Dietzell, 1391 Hwy. 172, Colbert

•Timothy Kyle Dobbs, 532 Elm Road, Carlton

•Roy Lee Drake Jr., 800 Willis Genn Road, Hull

•Charles Samuel Duncan, 768 Adams Duncan Road, Hull

•Samuel Herschel Dyer, 217 Cody Fowler Road, Commerce

•Jimmy Charles Ellis, 334 Garnett Ward Road, Hull

•Jeff Embrick, 830 Young Harris Road, Danielsville

•Leon Foster, 139 Ivywood Drive, Hull

•Jack Dempsey Fowler, 29 Doris Lane, Hull

•James Alexander Frei, 2879 Hwy. 98 West, Danielsville

•Deante Otis Gardner, 611 Piedmont Road, Hull

•Steven Ray Hamby, 355 Sherwood Circle, Danielsville

•Benjamin Allen Hankins, 658 Young Harris Road, Danielsville

•Hubert Roger Hanley, 155 Mountainview Lane, Danielsville

•Adam Ronald Harrison, 124 Hammond Williams Road, Danielsville

•Damond Ladean Hewell, 271 Amberly Drive, Hull

•Herman Dewitte Holcomb, 1261 Glenn Carrie Road, Hull

•Kevin Anthony Holloman, 21 Gholston Street, Comer

•Clyde Ray Huskins, 333 Christmas Circle, Colbert

•Bobby Lee Jarrard, 199 Windy Ridge Drive, Danielsville

•Melvin Louis Jenkins, 2739 Sims Kid Road, Comer

•Joshua Scott Kell, 112 Cornelia, Athens

•Samuel Charles Laird, 913 New Hope Church Road, Comer

•Terry Dean Lollie, 192 Christmas Circle, Colbert

•Jonathan Blake Martin, 1136 Old Elberton Road, Hull

•Kevin Hugh Massey, 401 Hillwood Drive, Danielsville

•Robert Andrew McDaniel, 155 Colonial Drive, Danielsville

•Tom McIntosh Jr., 2300 Spratlin Mill Drive, Hull

•Ebb Meadows, 164 SandM Drive, Hull

•Kyle Thomas Melton, 701 Jack Sharp Road, Colbert

•David Floyd Merritt, 2982 Crabapple Hollow Road, Nicholson

•Brian Keith Moore, 2396 Planter Gunnell Road, Hull

•Jonathan Edward Nunley, 568 Hardman Road, Hull

•Michael Clinton Oneal, 3342 Hardman Morris Road, Colbert

•Ronnie Aaron Parham, 740 Cheek Pulliam Road, Royston

•Michael Dwayne Parsons, 3250 Hwy. 29 South, Lot C2, Colbert

•William Douglas Parsons, 2894 Lem Edwards Road, Colbert

•Ryan Pfleger, 1629 Jones Chapel Shiloh Road, Danielsville

•Charles Radford, 17 Stone Ridge Drive, Lot 10, Colbert

•Marlando Derrick Rhodes, 1108 Johnnie Chandler Road, Colbert

•Bobby J. Ross, 58 Fowler Freeman Lane, Danielsville

•Richard Dale Sailors, 528 N. Main Street, Danielsville

•Daniel David Simpson, 340 Fox Trail, Athens

•Surita Lavon Smith, 280 Madison Blvd., Colbert

•Richard David Stepp, 105 Pebblebrok Lane, Hull

•Samuel Walter Stinchcomb Sr., 18 Stoneridge Drive, Lot 4, Colbert

•Charles Andy Terrell, 11190 Wildcat Bridge Road, Danielsville

•Alex Tucker, 124 New Haven Church Road, Danielsville

•Bobby Odell Turpin, 2394 James Springs Road, Danielsville

•Drashun Isaiah Upadhyay, 3818 Jot Em Down Road, Danielsville

•Alan Joseph Ward, 1437 Noble Road, Carlton

•Cory Steven Welch, 858 Buddy Moore Road, Colbert

•Billy Joe Whitehead, 78 Paradise Valley Road, Danielsville

•Rico D. Willingham, 1205 Helican Springs Road, Athens

•Christopher Ray Wilson, 1298 Stone Stewart Road, Hull

•Gene Renard Wilson, 291 Coley Davis Road, Danielsville

•Christopher Shane Young, 1830 Sanford Road, Hull


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