Theft by shoplifting was reported at Dollar General on Glenn Carrie Road last week. Two men reportedly ran out of the store with merchandise totaling about $119 and got into a red Honda and left the scene.

According to the store video, the men stole a bunch of laundry items. One man was described as having short hair, long sleeve black hoodie with a white Adidas logo on it, green camo pants and white top shoes. The other man had short hair and was wearing a navy blue hat with a white emblem, back short sleeve shirt with “Georgia” and a Nike logo on the left side, red gym shorts, black sock and black shoes.

Other incidents on file included:

•Rescue services were called June 27 after a 36-year-old man fell on rocks at Watson Mill State Park and suffered an ankle injury.

•Emergency services were called June 25 to a Moriah Church Road locale when a man was stuck between a jack and a transmission. The man was freed and no major injuries were reported.

•A possible rape was reported at a Colbert address last week. Officer Sarah Williams was dispatched to Piedmont Athens Regional to meet to meet with the victim.

•A woman on David’s Home Church Road reported that someone tried to open a new checking account at a bank in Commerce using her information. She also reported that over $6,000 had been removed from her daughter’s savings account three different times.

•Three suicide attempts were reported in the county last week.

•A runaway juvenile was reported from a home on Hwy. 29 North. The boy was found by Royston police but when they went to get him he ran off into the woods again.

•A home on J Highland Circle was reportedly burglarized last week. Some medication, a knife and some money were reportedly stolen.

•Deputy Joshua Smith was approached by a white male wearing socks, green pants and no shirt while on stationary patrol at Family Dollar in Hull. He spoke with the male who identified himself and said he was from Oglethorpe County and had been walking a while. He also spoke of things that did not make sense and seemed to be in an altered mental state. He had blisters on his feet and requested EMS to check his feet. He was unable to tell Smith the date and when asked, he said that “Kennedy” was president of the US. He was transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

•On June 27, Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to Hardwood Lane about a 911 hang up call. Dispatch said they called back and a black male asked for help but did not provide any more details. Sgt. Daniel Martin also responded. They found a woman who said she was from Athens and was trying to get back there. She said she got out there by taxi and had she had an open can of beer and appeared to be intoxicated. It was eventually determined that she had come from the address on Hardwood Lane and took her back there with them. She told officers that her friend was there but could not tell them his name.

The officers knocked on the outside of the residence and announced themselves several times but no one answered. The front door was unlocked and while clearing the home they found encountered a man who was determined to be the 911 caller.

The man stated that he was inside hiding due to people shooting outside and banging on the residence. Both he and the woman said they had permission to be at the residence.

During the encounter, Rice observed a small bag of a white crystalline substance on the front porch of the residence that he believed to be methamphetamine. The residence overall appeared to be abandoned, according to the report, but the suspected methamphetamine was located with a phone charger and ear buds that appeared out of place (did not appear to have been outside in the weather).

During their investigation they were unable to determine who the suspected methamphetamine belonged to or whether the couple had permission to be at the home. Based on the information available, the pair were allowed to stay at the property and the suspected methamphetamine was seized and placed in evidence locker for later destruction.


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