Two sisters were arrested Oct. 2 after fighting in the kitchen of a New Haven Church Road Residence.

Tina Faye Clements, 51, Danielsville, and Pamela Mae Strickland, 47, Colbert, were charged with battery.

According to a report from the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, officer Gabe Dalton responded to a report of a domestic dispute between two females. He arrived hearing a female yelling, “?#%% you, you stupid #@!%^!” He observed Strickland with a bleeding laceration on her nose, blood stains on her clothing and both arms as well as a bleeding laceration on her left foot. Dalton reported that Clements had a laceration on her nose, as well as blood stains on her clothing, arms and legs. He said he observed a large amount of blood on the floor of the kitchen area. Dalton reported that both women were extremely intoxicated.

A man at the residence couldn’t say why the two were fighting. And Dalton didn’t get a clear reason from the women on what prompted the altercation. The man at the residence received two lacerations on his left arm when he tried to break up the fight.

Other incidents investigated by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office recently include:

•A domestic dispute in Hull on Oct. 2 reported included a woman climbing on a man’s car with a metal jack handle and telling him she was going to kill him and he “would burn up when he went to sleep.” The woman broke a windshield wiper off the vehicle before throwing down the jack handle and leaving the scene.

•A woman in Hull reported that her husband was drunk and slapped her on the right side of her leg three times with an open hand in front of their 2-year-old daughter. The man had left the residence prior to the arrival of officers. The woman was told about the process for taking out a warrant against her husband and filing for a temporary protective order.

•A vehicle was reported stolen from Madison Hills in Hull.

•A Colbert woman filed a missing persons report on her 19-year-old son.

•A Danielsville woman reported that a man punched her in the face and that she had a witness. The witness said an altercation did occur but that it wasn’t physical. There were no marks indicating the woman had been punched.

•No arrests were made after a domestic dispute between a couple on Hwy. 29 South about a man wanting to use their vehicle to go get cigarettes. The woman reported that the man pushed her down. Officers didn’t observe any physical markings to indicate a physical altercation occurred.

•Officers received a report of a runaway juvenile in Hull Sept. 30. The teen was located hiding in bushes on Carrie Lane. He was released back to his guardian.

•A man reported Sept. 30 that his wife was missing. He suspects she is taking drugs and having sex with other men.

•A juvenile was reportedly upset and throwing rocks at his therapist’s vehicle. The juvenile’s foster parent said he thought the foster child had also damaged his vehicle.

•A man was injured when his lawnmower rolled over on him on Floyd Road at 11:46 a.m. Oct. 1.

•A 10-year-old flipped a go cart at Checkered Flag Kartway on Jones Chapel Shiloh Road at 7:54 p.m. Oct. 5 and suffered a hand injury. He was reportedly alert and talking but “starting to shake.”

•A 22-year-old female who is six months pregnant reported bad stomach pain after she hit a deer in her Acura on Hwy. 29 in Hull near Wing House Grill at 11:12 p.m., Oct. 6.

•A 23-year-old man reported back pain after running off the road on Hwy. 72 in Carlton at 2:51 a.m., Oct. 7.


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