A homeless woman was charged with family violence last week.

Alyssa Nichole Brennan, 20, Six Mile, SC, was arrested on one count of simple battery family violence.

Cpl. Christian Sisk was dispatched to Macedonia Church Road regarding a domestic dispute. Brennan said she and her boyfriend had been in a verbal argument and had been arguing for most of the day. After they arrived at the current location they both began throwing items out of the vehicle and Brennan slapped him across the face.

Both parties stated they are currently homeless and have been living out of their vehicle. The address listed, according to the report was that of the mother of the man’s child, who was not involved in the incident.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•A man on Coile Road reported that someone had taken money from his checking account. He said he received a text message giving him an alert for “fraud.” When he called the number, someone with an Indian accent told him to follow a link from the text and click “accept.” Instead of that, he called his bank instead and was told that a charge of over $600 showed on his debit from an Office Max in Hiram. He cancelled his bank account and called the sheriff’s office.

•Officers were dispatched to a home on Roy Woods Road four times over 24 hours regarding domestic disputes between a man and his girlfriend, who each accused the other of having mental and drug issues. They were warned not to call 911 again unless a valid crime was committed and that calling repeatedly as they had been doing was abuse of 911. They also told the man, who said the couple met four months ago at church, that he would need to get an eviction notice to remove the woman from his home.

•A man and his family who live on Wildcat Bridge Road met with Deputy Jacob Loggins at the intersection of Hwy. 281 and Hwy. 191 Friday night saying they had left their home in fear of their safety due to a neighbor’s alleged threats. The man said he and his family were outside about 10 p.m. setting off fireworks in celebration of the Juneteenth holiday. He said he had gone inside the home while his wife and children continued to play with sparklers when a neighbor, who he does not know by name, came outside and began revving his motorcycle engine and yelling that he was going to “hang them, shoot them and plaster them to the walls.” He said at that point, he loaded up his family and left while calling 911. Loggins then spoke with the oldest child, who corroborated what her father said. Loggins asked the man if he wished for him to make contact with the neighbor and the man said he didn’t wish him to at that time, uncertain if it would help or cause more harm. Loggins explained the temporary protection order (TPO) process to him and advised him to call 911 if there were any more problems. The man said he and his family planned to stay somewhere else for the night. No charges were filed due to insufficient evidence, according to the report and the fact that the complainant did not want to pursue the investigation.

•There were several reports of unruly juveniles around the county last week.

•A warrant was to be sought criminal trespass family violence for a woman after she busted out her live in boyfriend’s windshield on his 1997 Ford Mustang during a domestic dispute. Deputy Jacob Loggins noted in his report that he had been to the home for past domestic disputes. The woman had locked herself in the home and would not respond to Loggins. The man said he would go somewhere else for the night.

•A possible sexual assault was reported to have happened on Crabapple Road last week. The incident remains under investigation and was reported to Madison County by an Athens-Clarke County police.

•A disorderly juvenile was reported on Pope Miller Road last week. A deputy met with a juvenile witness who said the offender was mad and had been screaming vulgarities at his grandparents and at one point ran at his grandfather and tried to tackle him. The officer contacted the offender’s juvenile probation officer who advised him to turn him over to his mother.

•A woman on Amberly Drive told officer Gary Floyd that a man who has been going to the grocery store for her since her son has been incarcerated came by that day and she asked her if he could have $30 for store money. She told him she didn’t have any cash and at some point she went to the restroom. When she came back, the man had left. Later when she checked her bank account, she found that she was overdrawn and then discovered her debit card missing.

•A suicide attempt was reported in the county last week.


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