A teen was arrested last week after causing a disturbance at a home on Lakeview Drive.

Gavin Austin Gresham, 19, was charged with one count of disorderly conduct.

Deputy Derek Shelton was dispatched to the home concerning a disorderly male. A man there told Shelton Gresham took off up the road before his arrival. The man said Gresham had arrived with his girlfriend and that he was under the influence of methamphetamine. He said the couple was also arguing.

The man said at one point Gresham went into his (homeowner’s) bedroom looking for a gun and threatening to kill himself.

He then threatened the homeowner and told him he would “whoop his @$$.” The man said he called 911 because he was afraid Gresham was going to hurt someone. Gresham left after the man told him he had called 911.

His girlfriend was crying and said she was afraid Gresham was going to hurt her. She said the incident began in Bowman when Gresham hit and cracked her windshield and threatened to choke her.

She said she brought him there (his grandparents’ home) hoping to get help for Gresham. She said she didn’t want him to go to jail but to get help.

His grandmother was able to get him on the phone and Shelton talked him into coming back to the home. After hearing his side of the story, he was arrested and taken to jail.

In another arrest, a Carlton man was arrested at a family gathering the day after Christmas after he allegedly knocked his father off a stool, injuring him.

Anthony Jason Blackburn, 47, was charged with one count of battery family violence.

Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to Old Hwy. 72 East where she met with the victim, who had requested EMS for his back pain and a laceration to this left knee. He told Gibson that he was spending time with his family after dinner when his son (Blackburn) became irate and he attempted to calm him. He began shouting in the victim’s face and pushed him off the stool with both his hands.

He declined to be transported after his injuries were checked out by paramedics.

Other family members said they were all talking when Blackburn became irate. They also noted he had consumed several alcoholic beverages. After pushing his father to the floor, Blackburn allegedly grabbed paper plates with leftovers on them and threw it all to the floor in a fit of rage.

After being told repeatedly to leave, he reportedly did leave the scene in his wife’s pickup. He was later found and arrested at his residence on Paoli Road.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Additional warrants have been issued for a man who fled deputies who were attempting to serve a felony probation warrant on him at a home on Covey Road. On the way there, deputies were advised by dispatch that the man was in a gray Dodge at the Quick Pick on Hwy. 72. When officers arrived at the store, they saw a gray car crossing the parking lot driving toward Hwy. 72. As it passed the patrol cars, the suspect was identified as the driver and officers began to pursue him. He entered the roadway at a high rate of speed with no headlights on, despite it being dark. Both officers pursued him with lights and sirens. The car crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic onto Lem Edwards Road, still with no headlights on. At that point, the pursuit was canceled due to safety concerns.

In a related incident, Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to Mountainview Lane where a man reported that his dirt bike had been stolen. He named the man in the previous incident as a suspect due to his past criminal history and after he discovered his bike gone, he confronted the suspect as he walked past his house and they exchanged words. He said the bike was small enough to fit into the trunk of a car.

•A 2017 silver Kia Forte was reported stolen from Candlestick Drive on Dec. 26. The vehicle was later located behind a home in Thomas Heights. The owner told Deputy Mason Bennett that she went outside that morning to warm up the car and when she came back out it was gone. She showed him video from a Ring doorbell that showed the vehicle backing out of the driveway but not who was in it. She was informed it had been found and went to the scene where she found her wallet, credit cards and ID missing.

An 11-year old eyewitness saw two males walking away from the car toward Hwy. 29. The witness said one was wearing a red jacket and the other was dressed in all black.

•A suicide attempt by firearm was reported in the county.

•A woman’s Christmas Circle mobile home was broken into just before Christmas. The woman said she left the home around 1 p.m. on Dec. 22 and came home the next day when she noticed that her living room was in disarray and the Christmas tree knocked over. Several UPS packages near the Christmas tree were reportedly taken. Broken tree lights were found in the driveway. She said she suspects children in the neighborhood were the ones who broke in. She stated in the past that someone had loosened the lug nuts on her car.

•A heroin drug overdose was reported in the county.

•Warrants have been issued on multiple charges after Cpl. Christian Sisk spotted two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed on Hwy. 29 South at Archer Road just after midnight on Dec. 22.

He pursued them and they turned onto Diamond Hill Neese Road where he lost sight of the lead vehicle, but his radar showed both were traveling at 90 mph in a 45 mph zone. The trailing vehicle veered over the road and fishtailed several times. Sisk was able to identify this vehicle as a blue Toyota Camry. The vehicle eventually lost control in a curve and slid into a ditch. Sisk noted at that point that he was a white male in his 20s. The vehicle then accelerated out of the ditch and turned onto Willis Glen Road.

The vehicle then began to smoke and caught fire on the undercarriage. Sisk called for fire support to be on standby. The vehicle kept going, failing to stop at the stop sign on Willis Glen and Hwy. 106 and then crossed onto Smith Road.

Shortly after pulling onto Smith Road, the driver exited the vehicle and continued to run on foot. After the driver crossed a fence, Sisk attempted to deploy his Taser, to no avail. The driver looked back at him multiple times while exiting his vehicle and while in the foot pursuit, making it easy for Sisk to identify him.

Sisk climbed the fence and continued to pursue the driver, until he heard the windows break on the car due to the fire. He then returned to the patrol car to move it away from the fire.

Using the tag number, officers were able to locate the owner and speak with her. She told officers her grandson was supposed to have the car. Sisk then compared a previous booking photo to the man he had seen during the foot chase and was able to make a positive ID on the suspect. A female passenger who was in the car was detained but later released.


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