Two men were arrested last week following a fight on Stone Drive in Colbert.

Marshal Blake Hanley, 22, of Comer, and Bradley Scott Anglin, 39, of Stephens, were charged with one count each of affray (fighting) and disorderly conduct.

Deputy Austin Shubert was dispatched to the scene after neighbors called to report a loud argument at a home there.

Shubert encountered multiple vehicles left running in the driveway. He made contact with a couple backing out of the driveway.

The male (Anglin) was observed to have multiple lacerations to his face and a swollen left eye. Shubert had Anglin step out of the car and explain to him what happened.

He noted that Anglin smelled of alcohol and Anglin admitted to drinking about six beers that night.

Anglin went on to tell him that his daughter’s boyfriend (Hanley) and he had gotten into a verbal altercation when Hanley got in his face and began to push him.

Shubert then spoke with Hanley who also smelled of alcohol and he said he and Anglin were having a verbal altercation when Anglin grabbed him by the throat.

Hanley told Shubert that he had “only had six beers” that night as well.

Hanley had minor lacerations on him. The altercation was determined to have taken place in the front yard.

Shubert also spoke to Anglin’s daughter (and Hanley’s girlfriend) who had witnessed the fight.

She said the two men were arguing when they “just went at each other.” She said could not advise who started the physical altercation, but said both of them had been drinking all night. Another woman there corroborated her version of events.

Both men were taken to jail after Anglin was cleared by medics.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•An attempted burglary was reported on North Chaparral in Hull last week. A man was at home about 11 p.m. when he said he heard a loud bang and looked into the kitchen and saw a man with a red mask on. The suspected burglar then ran and jumped into a black car and left the scene. The man called his dad and his dad told him to call 911. The man’s grandmother, who lives next door, also saw a man. She said she heard a loud boom about 11:15 p.m. and got up to look outside and that’s when she saw a thin build man with short hair run to a black park parked in the driveway and leave the scene. No one was able to provide a tag number of further description of the car.

•A suicide attempt was reported in the county last week.

•A man reported that another man he knows attacked him as he was putting groceries on his motorcycle in the Ingles parking lot. He said the man confronted him about putting stuff about him on Facebook. The victim said the man hit him then walked away with his hand on a gun at his waistband. He said he knows the man from the bikers’ club The Southern Knights and that they were friends years ago. He said he has not seen or spoken to the man since then and that his Facebook account had been hacked. He showed Deputy Austin Dean a small laceration inside his mouth where he said the man hit him in the jaw.

•A woman on Colbert Diamond Hill Road reported that a former live-in boyfriend has been making threats to do bodily harm to her. Deputy Joshua Smith went to the scene and the woman told him the man had moved out a few months ago and is now considered homeless. She showed Smith numerous text messages sent from the man and in several he made statements such as “I’m going to split your throat you stupid b&*^% next time I see you” and I’m capable of b*(^% stomping your GD head in; bash your brains out your skull.” Smith noted the woman was visibly upset and feared for her safety. Smith tried to call the number but was unable to reach the man. A warrant was taken out for terroristic threats threatening bodily harm.

•A woman on Maple Ridge Place told Deputy Austin Shubert that someone had been in her home and taken several items. She said she woke up that morning between 5 and 6 a.m. and began to notice things moved and missing throughout her entire house.

She said the suspects entered through the basement garage door by lifting it up, but Shubert observed door to be locked from the inside and he was not able to open it by lifting. He also noted that it can only be opened by a button located inside. She pointed out numerous things that had been moved and said several tools were missing but couldn’t describe any of it. When asked how many were missing, she stated “a bunch.”

Shubert followed her upstairs to her room where she said she had been asleep since the previous day. She said that morning she felt someone put a hand over her mouth. She also pointed out a jewelry box and said the shelves had bene shortened and were not in the right spot.

Shubert could see nothing wrong with the box or with other things she pointed out. He told her if she wanted to report a theft he would need a list of what was missing.

•Deputy Carolyn Gibson was dispatched to Glenn Carrie Road last week regarding a woman making threats and dumping gasoline on a truck. Gibson noted that many items were scattered on the property and began speaking with a woman who was visibly upset. She said she was upset with her boyfriend who she shares a 10-month old child with. She said she also has an older child who is with its father because she believes the child is safer there.

She said her boyfriend is a hoarder and the entire home was a mess, with things stacked to the ceiling and she became angry when she couldn’t find a pair of boots. She said she began to shout and to throw things out of the home out of anger.

She said at that point she took her 10 month old across the street. She denied dumping gas on the truck and Gibson noted the truck did not smell of gas or any chemicals.

Gibson asked her if she wanted to kill herself and she said she did not. Gibson then walked across the street to speak with the woman who was caring for the baby and the one who had called 911.

She said the woman brought the baby over with a medicine dropper in its mouth and told her she had poisoned the child and then left the child with her.

She said she has been keeping the baby for long periods due to the uncleanliness of the home. She also mentioned an altercation the mother had with her mother (baby’s grandmother) that morning and told Gibson she had recorded some of the mother’s behavior. She showed Gibson the video, which showed the mother walking around the yard with her breasts exposed. The neighbor also said she has witnessed the mother state that she wanted to end her life, her boyfriend’s life and her baby’s life. She said the mother had mentioned she wanted the baby and her boyfriend to “fall on a chainsaw.” EMS was called to check on the baby and the medicine dropper was taken to be tested. The baby was also taken to the hospital for a follow up.

Due to multiple conflicting statements, no arrests were made, but a call was put into DFCS about the welfare of the child. Gibson noted in her report that the DFCS worker did not answer so she left a voicemail and had not back several hours later. The deputy noted that she would be calling the child abuse hotline in order to get in touch with someone.


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