Two people were arrested Dec. 20 after the sheriff’s office received a tip on the whereabouts of a woman with an active narcotics-related felony warrant.

Jennifer Shae Guest, 26, of Comer, was charged with possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance, felony tampering with evidence and two counts of probation violation.

Dylan Patrick Warden, 22, of Winterville, was charged with a parole violation, felony tampering with evidence and trafficking in cocaine, illegal drugs, marijuana or methamphetamine.

Deputy Gabe Dalton was dispatched to a Clements Road address. The informant also told Dalton that Guest was in the company of a person they knew only as “Dylan” and that he had bragged to the informant that he had “a pocket full of meth.”

Dalton made contact with several people sitting outside in a blue Jeep when he arrived. Guest was identified as an occupant in the front passenger seat and was seen to be rummaging around in the vehicle. Dalton gave them all commands to show their hands, but a person (Warden) in the backseat continued to move around.

Dalton drew his service weapon and ordered Guest to open her door and Warden was ordered to get out of the Jeep and he complied.

An assortment of pills was found near the center console and Warden admitted to having a bag of “MSM” in the pouch behind the passenger’s seat. Dalton noted that MSM is an agent used in the “cutting process” for making methamphetamine. The pills were determined to be acetaminophen and the narcotic clonazepam.

In another arrest, Austin Lee Robinson, 21, of Comer, was charged with simple battery family violence and two counts of failure to appear.

Deputy Austin Shubert and Cpl. Zach Brooks were dispatched to Della Slaton Road regarding a possible physical domestic dispute. Dispatch advised them in route that the male half (Robinson) had left walking, possibly to another address on the same road. Another deputy encountered him and placed him under arrest for an active warrant.

Shubert and Brooks interviewed the complainant who told them that she and Robinson had gotten into an argument over “something petty” inside a parked truck in the yard. She said she told Robinson to get out of her truck when Robinson allegedly slapped her on her left side of the face. She said she then grabbed Robinson trying to pull him out of the truck when he hit her on the right side of the face with a closed fist. She told the officers that this has been an ongoing problem and that Robinson has been physical before but law enforcement was not called. She stated that Robinson sometimes spends the night and “comes and goes” from the residence.

Cpl. Brooks spoke with a witness who told him he saw the entire altercation and confirmed the woman’s statement.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

Billy James Manders, Jr., 49, of Colbert, was charged with battery family violence and criminal trespass.

Sgt.Jason Gaddy was dispatched with two other deputies to a home on Colbert-Danielsville Road regarding a domestic dispute. They found the front door swinging open despite it being cold and rainy.

A male voice told officers to come in after they announced themselves.

A woman told them that her boyfriend (Manders) had been throwing things and busting things inside the house.

The woman had blood running from her nose. She said Manders threw a box containing a glass or porcelain cup at her and struck her face and she had a video of the incident, which included Manders behaving aggressively towards her and calling her obscene names. Manders said he did not remember what happened and to “take him to jail.”

•Steven Richard Pressley, 20, of Hull, was charged with failure to change address on driver’s license, knowingly driving motor vehicle on suspended, canceled or revoked registration, marijuana possession less than an ounce, no insurance, possession and use of drug-related objects, defective or no headlights, spotlights, fog lights and auxiliary lights permitted.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy was on patrol in the vicinity of Neese-Commerce Road and Hwy. 106 when he saw a vehicle come to a stop sign without any headlights, even though it was after 6 p.m. and dark.

The vehicle did have a single LED auxiliary light affixed to the front bumper, Gaddy noted. The vehicle was an older model Ford F150 4-wheel drive truck and the auxiliary light was activated and was shining in an upward manner to shine light into oncoming traffic, specifically the eyes of anyone inside the vehicles, including the drivers, Gaddy noted. The vehicle drove across Hwy. 106 onto Neese Commerce Road where Gaddy made a traffic stop on it.

The tag was found to be suspended. The driver, Pressley, told Gaddy he had a firearm on his right side in the seat. Gaddy took possession of the firearm and placed Pressley under arrest. As he handcuffed him, Pressley told him he had a smoking pipe in his pocket and admitted it had methamphetamine residue inside it. A glass jar containing marijuana was also found inside the vehicle.

•Rod Tyler Thomas, 27, of Statham, was charged with pedestrian under the influence, possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine.

Deputy Gabe Dalton was dispatched to Blacks Creek Church Road regarding a male arriving at a home there yelling “I need help.”

Deputy Kane Sisk and Cpl. Joshua Smith arrived on scene prior to Dalton and made contact with a man identified as Thomas who “displayed an altered mental state, possibly from narcotics use.” Madison County EMS personnel were dispatched to conduct an assessment of Thomas and concluded that he displayed no life threatening symptoms or complaints.

Dalton spoke with Thomas about how he had traveled to the residence and he stated that he had followed his girlfriend to the area of US-Hwy. 316 and had been assaulted by another female while there. Thomas said that he had “simply awoken to a female wielding a firearm at him and was kicked from the vehicle by the said female.” Thomas stated that he believed he had traveled from a location in Athens. He also said that he had no knowledge as to the whereabouts of his vehicle. He was discovered to possess a key fob to a silver 2019 Mazda CX5 rental vehicle. Thomas also told Dalton that he was currently serving a felony probationary sentence for a burglary charge stemming from an arrest in Barrow County.

Dalton observed that Thomas was drenched in sweat, even though the outside temperature was in the mid 40s.

Thomas denied having smoked methamphetamine but said he had smoked marijuana.

About 11:30 p.m. that night, the silver CX5 was found in a wooded area on Ingram Hancock Road (about 4.2 miles away).

•Donnie Lee Carroll, 17, of Danielsville, was charged with criminal trespass family violence.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy and Cpl. Austin Dean were dispatched to Horace Reed Road where they met with a woman who said her stepson (Carroll) caused property damage during a domestic dispute.

She told Gddy that Carroll had been angry and punched a hole in the sheetrock wall in the living room area. He had also began making verbal threats to everyone at the house, saying he would kick the doors down and had even allegedly threatened to do harm with a pistol. She stated he had said he would grab an officer’s pistol when law enforcement arrived.

Gaddy found Carroll in the kitchen sitting on the floor. Gaddy talked with him about the family violence act (FVA) and what it meant and then asked him why he punched the wall. Carroll told him he got mad because his father had allowed his 13-year old brother to play a video game and that he is not allowed to play it.

The stepmother came into the kitchen and told Gaddy that law enforcement had been out to the residence a couple of months ago when Carroll tried to harm himself. She said she did not want to see him go to jail but that it might be time for him to learn about consequences.

Cpl. Joshua Smith was dispatched to the SUV and discovered a quantity of suspected methamphetamine and marijuana inside the vehicle.

The suspected methamphetamine had an approximate weight of 4.10 grams and did field test positive.

•Brandon Michael Hankins, 31, Danielsville, probation violation.

•James David Huskin, 47, Ila, failure to appear.

•Clyde Ray Huskins, Jr., 51, Colbert, DUI/alcohol (two counts), failure to maintain lane, open container (two counts), driving on the wrong side of the road, overtaking and passing generally, possession of cocaine, too fast for conditions and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence.

•Charles Devonta Barksdale, 24, Washington, driving without a valid license and failure to maintain lane.

•Arielle Chiasson, 25, Danielsville, hold for Carroll County.

•Michael Jack Donald, 32, Hull, possession and use of drug-related objects and simple battery family violence.

•Michelle Dawn Donald, 21, Hull, criminal trespass family violence.

•Michael McCracken Gee, 29, Danielsville, hold for Paulding County.

•Daniel Hildalgo, 43, Hull, driving without a valid license, knowingly driving a motor vehicle on suspended, cancelled or revoked registration, tire requirements and standards for brake lights and signal devices.

•Tiffany Marie Jacks, 39, Buford, driving while license suspended or revoked, driving without a valid license and minor restraint law (age 5 to 17).

•Audrey Leann Page, 30, Athens, hold for U.S. Marshals.

•Nicholas K. Williamson-Laduke, 20, Crawford, probation violation.


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