Two men were arrested last week after a deputy on patrol saw them leave a location known for numerous narcotics-related investigations on Hwy. 29 South near Diamond Hill Mobile Home Park.

Luis Eduardo Suarez, 39, of Hull, was charged with failure to maintain lane, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and felony tampering with evidence.

His passenger, Edward Ashley Adams, 35, also of Hull, was charged with a giving false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer, possession and use of drug-related objects, possession of a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance with intent to distribute, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, probation violation and felony tampering with evidence.

On Oct 30, Adams was given the additional charge of crossing state/county guard lines with weapons, intoxicants, drugs without consent during a search of his jail pod. The investigation is ongoing, according to the report.

Deputy Gabriel Dalton was on patrol when he spotted Suarez’s Jeep Liberty traveling south on Hwy. 29, then pull into the residence and leave after about five minutes.

Dalton followed the Jeep and saw it drive into the southbound fog line while negotiating a curve, then activated his blue lights.

The Jeep eventually pulled over about three-quarters of a mile further down the road, though Dalton noted that they passed several well-lit places before making the stop.

Dalton identified Suarez and his passenger gave his name as “Christopher Connor.” After getting him out of the car, Dalton was able to find out his real name. He also admitted that he had an active warrant stemming from a past possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute charge in the county. This was verified.

Suarez admitted he knew Adam’s correct identity and Suarez was discovered to be on felony probation for aggravated assault. He would not consent to a search of the Jeep, saying it was not his. Dalton reminded him that as he was on felony probation, he had a Fourth Amendment waiver that allowed them to search the vehicle; the Jeep was observed leaving a place known for drug activity and his occupant had been placed under arrest and that the immediate area he had access to could be searched.

During the search, Dalton immediately discovered a metal canister lying in the space between the center console and passenger seat that had a residue consistent with heroin. He also found a brown powder strewn around the area that field-tested positive for heroin.

A further search produced a backpack with drugs and drug paraphernalia. More items were found in the vehicle as well. Suarez went on a “long tirade” according to the report, saying he did not use drugs and that law enforcement was “out to get him.” He also said a woman had borrowed the vehicle and left the drugs in the Jeep.

In another arrest, Thomas Jason Melton, 49, of Colbert, was arrested on a probation violation and obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence charge.

Cpl. Austin Dean, Sgt. Jason Gaddy and Lt. Jason Ring went to a home on Hwy. 29 South to serve arrest warrants on a white female, after information was received that she was there.

When they arrived, Dean went around to the back of the residence, which is a singlewide mobile home up on a hill. He saw that there was no back porch, only a sliding glass door on the back of the residence. This door was approximately three feet off the ground and he could see that it was not used as a means of entry or exit from this residence. Sgt. Gaddy and Lt. Ring went to the front door to make contact with the residents. During this time, Dean observed the homeowner’s father come from next door and walk over to that residence. Dean and Sgt. Gaddy began speaking with him on the front side of the residence. At that point, Dean heard the back door slam and looked around the corner to see a white male running from the home towards the woods. Knowing they were there to serve warrants on a white female, Dean surmised this male also had warrants on him and began yelling at him to stop.

Dean chased him through the woods and he jumped a fence and Dean followed, attempting to Taser him at the same time. The Taser did not make contact. He then chased the man through a field and second wooded area near Billy Dillard Road.

Sgt. Gaddy had joined in the chase on foot at first, then got into his vehicle to attempt to get in front of the fleeing male. The male was apprehended in the wooded area and forced out of a briar patch at gunpoint on the southern end of the grassy field and identified as Melton. He was also confirmed to have active warrants and was taken into custody.

Other arrests on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Rickey Carl Wilcox, 47, and Dylan Michael Wilcox, 22, both of Hull, were charged with maintaining a disorderly house due to the number of calls to the home either because of the pair being engaged in a domestic dispute or another disorderly action.

•Kerry Lamont Allen, 34, Royston, probation violation.

•Jeffery Allen Bozeman, 47, Nicholson, probation violation.

•Kevin O’Brian Coker, 40, Colbert, aggravated assault, battery family-violence and third degree cruelty to children.

•Michelle Dorine Doran, 49, Danielsville, possession of methamphetamine.

•Jason Wade Gurley, 38, Colbert, theft of lost/mislaid property.

•Colin Ray Hanley, 19, Hull, probation violation.

•Adam Benjamin Henderson, 37, Athens, failure to appear.

•Fantashia Taniesha Lambert, 27, Athens, failure to appear.

•Franklin Dwayne Lance, 35, Carlton, theft of lost/mislaid property.

•James Edward Lawson, 54, Villa Rica, probation violation.

•Lauren Michelle Papp, 26, Hull, criminal trespass, obstruction or hindering a person making a 911 call, probation violation and theft by taking.

•Travis Lamar Parks, 35, Danielsville, failure to appear and a probation violation.

•Sara Ellen Rogers, 39, Comer, probation violation.

•Devonte Lamar Tolbert, 26, Midland, failure to appear.

•Christopher Ray Wilson, 38, Hull, failure to register as a sex offender/failure to comply with requirements provided and a probation violation.

•Kathy Desandra Wilson, 60, Hull, four counts of dangerous drug defined, drugs not in original container, possession and use of drug-related objects, public drunkenness and two counts of willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.

•Christopher C. Youngblood, 28, of Lavonia, was charged with battery and simple assault after Cpl. Zach Brooks responded to an address on Cheek Pulliam Road regarding a domestic dispute and while on the way was notified by dispatch that a man (Youngblood) was being disorderly in the roadway.

•Nathaniel Bailey Jr., 50, Colbert, driving without headlights when required, driving while license suspended or revoked and DUI/alcohol.

•Jamaal Wilks Carter, 36, Hull, driving without a valid license, DUI/alcohol, failure to maintain lane, failure to register vehicle and improper backing.

•Christy Ann Gomez, 37, Crawford, hold for other county.

•Lindsey Michelle Krask, 22, Suwanee, affixing materials that reduce or increase light transmission/reflectance of windows, DUI/alcohol, failure to have license on person and tail lights required.

•Kevin Hugh Massey, 45, Danielsville, battery against a person 65 and older, pedestrian under the influence, simple assault and simple battery.

•Amber Nichole Morton, 27, Hull, driving while license suspended or revoked.

•Mayati Davante’ Rucker, 27, Comer, hold for Clarke County.

•Johnathan Mitchell Thomas, 25, Colbert, criminal trespass-family violence, possession and use of drug-related objects and possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance.


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