Warrants have been issued for a man who allegedly assaulted his teenage daughter on March 27.

Deputy Derek Shelton was dispatched to Hudson Rivers Church Road and while en route, he was informed the father had left the scene.

The daughter was sitting outside with a scratch above her left eye, along with redness around the eye. She said she could not find her grandmother and her mother went to a neighbor’s home. She said her father choked and hit her and also threw her on the ground.

She said her mother had been gone all day and when she returned she and the girl’s father began to argue. She said he also hit her mother and when she tried to break it up, that’s when he attacked her.

She said she went outside and called 911. The grandmother returned before Shelton left and said she left the home to get away from the girl’s father and that her daughter was walking down the road towards Franklin County.

Shelton was unable to locate the mother and later found out she had active warrants out of Madison and Jackson counties.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office last week included:

•Jesse Lee Brown, 29, of Winterville, was charged with criminal trespass family violence, disorderly conduct, probation violation and terroristic threats and acts after terroristic threats and acts and criminal trespass were reported on East Jones Chapel Road last week.

Deputy Austin Dean was dispatched to a domestic dispute. He and another officer found a man (Brown) on the back porch who was “red and bloody” with multiple wounds on his upper body. He also was intoxicated.

While the other officer spoke with Brown, Dean went inside to speak with the complainant.

She said Brown came home and was mad regarding some court paperwork that he got from Banks County. She said he began to drink and the more he drank the more upset and angry he became. They argued and he got verbally abusive, then began to damage the inside of the residence, including knocking a door off of its hinges.

She said her mother and her two children were inside a bedroom trying to sleep while this was going on.

The woman’s mother said she heard Brown say he would “burn the place down” if they called police.

Both women stated the wounds on Brown were due to him throwing himself down the steps of the porch in an attempt to get them in trouble if police were called.

Brown denied causing any damage and said it was a verbal dispute only.

•Theft by taking was reported on Reese Lane last week. A man there said someone tried to break into the home while his wife was inside. Pry marks were found on the back door and his wife said she was in the bathroom when she heard someone trying to open the door. The man reported a Craftsman tool socket missing from the porch.

•A woman on Griffeth Road reported that someone had stolen a firearm from under her pillow and removed hand tools from a tool box beside her front porch while she was not at home.

•An incident of battery was reported at the middle school last week.

•A report of possible elder abuse and theft of medication were reported on Bishop Carey Road last week.

•No serious injuries were reported in a two-vehicle accident March 26 at the intersection of Hwy. 29 and Glenn Carrie Road.

•No serious injuries were reported when a woman fell asleep and caused a two-vehicle accident at Hwy. 72 and Paoli Road March 26.


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