A White Plains man was arrested last week for driving under the influence of drugs and other charges.

Grant Elliott Small, 32, was charged with DUI/drugs, failure to maintain lane and marijuana possession less than an ounce.

Sheriff Michael Moore and Inv. Sam Beard stopped a vehicle on Hwy. 29 near Strickland Circle on Feb. 19 for failure to maintain lane and Beard called for Sgt. Jason Gaddy to assist.

Beard informed Gaddy that the driver had failed to maintain lane on multiple occasions and had almost struck several oncoming vehicles head on. Sheriff Moore confirmed this and stated that the driver had been driving at varying speeds and even stopped in the roadway once. Then, as they were about to drive around the vehicle, the vehicle took off again and continued driving at varying speeds, leading both officers to believe the driver was impaired.

Small admitted to taking prescription medications for anxiety and had some of those pills with him inside the vehicle. Beard also reported that Small had slurred speech and was making nonsensical comments.

A roadside sobriety check was conducted by Gaddy and Small was arrested and taken to jail.

Other incidents on file this week at the sheriff’s office included:

•Identity theft was reported by a woman on Hardman Morris Road last week. The woman told officer Zach Brooks that she has been out of work due to the pandemic and receiving unemployment benefits. She said as she was preparing to do her 2020 taxes she noted that the Georgia Department of Labor sent a report stating she had received $16,592 in payments, when she had actually received only $6,632. She said she began to investigate and found where an unknown bank account had been sent the money. She provided the routing number and account number for this account which was reportedly either in South Dakota or in Texas, neither of which she has accounts in.

She was also able to provide an email address and phone number attached to this bank account. She said she informed the Department of Labor and they told her to send them her information and to file a police report.

•Resource officer Brandon Moss was dispatched to the middle school regarding an unruly juvenile last week.

•A hit and run accident was reported on Hwy. 29 South at Glenn Carrie Road last week. Deputy Austin Shubert was dispatched to the scene with dispatch reporting that a gold van left the scene of the accident traveling north toward Danielsville. The van reportedly struck a gold Ford Escape. The driver said she was stopped at the red light, which had just turned green when she proceeded through the intersection toward Fortson Store Road when she was struck by the van about halfway through the intersection. A witness to the accident told Shubert that he saw the van run the red light on Hwy. 29 and strike the Escape. Shubert was also able to view surveillance video from Bills BBQ restaurant where he observed that the Escape had the green light to cross the intersection and the van, traveling northbound ran the red light, striking the rear quarter panel on the Escape. The van did appear to slow down and swerve to the left to avoid hitting the Escape. The van appeared to be an older model silver or tan Ford van with the front driver side tire a spare or painted black (other had silver hubs). The victim in the Escape was not hurt and declined medical attention and the Escape was able to be driven from the scene.

•A woman on Hwy. 98 West called 911 about a domestic dispute last week. Deputy Derek Shelton went to the home where the woman met him on the front porch. She said the man went out the back door and into the woods behind the home. She said the incident began when he came into her bedroom that morning wanting sex. She said she told him no and to leave her alone and then she got up and went to take a shower. She said the man came into the bathroom and grabbed her by the hair, trying to bite her on her forehead. He also told her he would shoot her. She said she told him she was calling 911 and he ran out the back door. She said he did not have a gun and she didn’t have any weapons in the house. A Temporary Protection Order (TPO) was already in effect and a warrant was issued for disorderly conduct for the man.

•A couple on Rogers Mill Road reported that a man they know has been calling the woman on the phone from different numbers since about 12:30 a.m. until she finally answered the phone and told him to stop calling and to leave her alone. The man said he got on the phone and the caller then told him that he was going to kill him and also said “I’ll blow your head off.” The man said he did tell the caller to “come over here and I’ll whip your @$$.”

The couple were explained the Temporary Protection Order process and to let 911 know if the man showed up at their home.

•Deputy Gary Floyd responded to Bill BBQ in Hull to meet with woman about her stolen credit card. The woman said she lost her wallet in Clarke County on Feb. 15 at a store near Kroger on Hwy. 29 and reported it stolen to Clarke County. The victim noticed declined charges on her card at Bill’s BBQ and on her Cash App card after she deactivated them. She went to the store to meet with the manager to find out who had tried to use the card.

The manager was able to pull security video and obtain a clear picture of who was using the card. The man at the register appeared to be white, around 25 to 30 years old, with brown hair and close-cropped beard. The manager was able to give the first name of a man who came in with the suspect.


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