A man was reportedly chased around a yard Sept. 25 on Hwy. 72 east by his estranged wife who wielded a Taser and a claw hammer and who threw his keys into a tree, where they got stuck on a branch.

The couple is separated and the man has not stayed at the residence for the past few weeks. He showed the officer a video in which he and his estranged wife argued about another woman. The man was told that law enforcement would try to help him retrieve his keys, but he wanted his wife arrested. When he learned that she wouldn’t be arrested, he told her, “ I should have just busted you in the mouth.” The man was finally able to get his keys and he left. The woman was told about the process for obtaining a temporary protective order (TPO).

Other incidents investigated by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office this past week included:

•Calvin Leroy Vickers, 35, was charged with failure to stop at the s

•A threat was reported at Neese Grocery Store on Hwy. 106 Sept. 24. A couple said they were getting gas when a man they knew accosted them and told the man pumping gas, “I’ll kill you.” The responding officer told the couple about the TPO process.

•A Madison County High School student who had been seen on video using a vaping product ran away from an officer after being confronted. He was caught and placed in a patrol car near the intersection of Colbert-Danielsville Road and Madison Street.

•A domestic dispute was reported on Rose Hill Drive Sept. 24. A woman reportedly tried to attack her brother after he tried to protect his mother from his sister. The sister said she is mad at her mother for trying to take her son from her.

•A woman on Willis Glenn Road in Hull reported that her Samsung Tablet was stolen.

•A Danielsville woman reported that her mentally disabled teen grandson scratched his mother, who also has mental disability, after she refused to take him to the hospital. Blood was observed on the mother’s face. No criminal charges were filed due to the teen’s mental state. He was taken to Piedmont Athens Regional Medical Center for further evaluation.

•A Jennifer Circle woman reported that she received a voice text from a man she knows that said, “When I get you and your brother I swear to God y’all dead.” She was told about the TPO process.

•A deer that was struck by a vehicle and suffering was put out of its misery by a deputy on Spratlin Mill Road.

•A woman suspected that her brother had stolen a vehicle when he shown up at her residence in a white Kia. She said she knew he didn’t own such a vehicle. When she asked him about it, he said “the Gods gave it” to him. The car had been repaired at Porterfield Tire in Athens and the keys were left inside for the owners to pick up the vehicle. The vehicle was reported as stolen. And Randy Lee Snyder, 35, was charged with theft by receiving stolen property.

•A grass trimmer, three gas cans with fuel and a backpack sprayer were reportedly stolen from a Mize Road residence.

•Rocks fell from a vehicle on Hwy. 72 near Sorrow Patterson Road and caused damage to another vehicle’s windshield.

•A rollover with a Ford Focus was reported on Shiloh Fort Lamar Road at 10:32 a.m., Sept. 26.

•An accident between a truck and car was reported on Garnett Ward Road and Hwy. 29 at 10 p.m., Sept. 26.

•A woman suffered a possible broken ankle in an accident on Loyd Nelms Road at 5:57 p.m., Sept. 27.

•An accident was reported at 1:41 a.m., Sept. 30 on Hwy. 29 in Hull.


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