A Winterville man was arrested last week at a party on Neese-Commerce Road called “Middle of Nowhere Farm Party.”

Chandler Todd Hammond, 25, was charged with disorderly conduct and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers by use of threats or violence by Sgt. Jason Gaddy.

On Saturday, March 20 about 11:30 p.m. Gaddy was dispatched to the party regarding a disorderly male who had been trying to talk to young women at the party. There he met Cpl. Zach Brooks who told him the man (Hammond) had already been escorted to his vehicle and that he was now fighting with someone in the parking area. They found a small crowd of adult males standing beside a vehicle with Hammond and a woman on the ground. Hammond was lying on his back and a woman was crouching over him, yelling at him.

The woman was pulled off of Hammond who began to shout obscenities at the officer about shining a light in his face. He would not get up and after continually being ordered to do so jumped up and got in Gaddy’s face in an aggressive manner. Several officers who were working security for the party assisted. A key to his vehicle was not located during the search.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Deputy Will Townsend was dispatched to Faye Carey Road about items stolen from a vehicle on March 17. A woman there told him a battery had been taken from her vehicle along with some of her tools. Some fuses had also reportedly been removed. She named two possible suspects who she said she believes are “out to get her” but is not sure why.

•A man on Spratlin Mill Road told Deputy Mason Bennett that he gave his banking information to a phone scammer on March 16. He said he received a call from a “scam artist who asked for him to send money and asked for his banking account information. While on the phone with the person, he was told to go and transfer money through Western Union so he sent $3,500 from his bank via Western Union, as instructed. Once he caught onto the scam, he contacted his bank and they flagged a portion of the charges. He said the scammer also had him download a program called “team viewer” to his laptop so that the scammers could access his information. He said the bank in the process of refunding the rest of the charges but that he had also given the scammer his Social Security Number as well.

•Arrest warrants have been sought for a man who reportedly hit his wife and kept her at home, refusing to allow her to use her phone or leave the residence. The wife told Officer Daniel Martin that she was able to use her phone to call her sister, who called 911 for her. She told Martin her husband, who was not at home at the time, had been hitting her on and off all day, slapping her, pulling her hair and grabbing her face. She said he often accuses her of cheating on him. Martin did see bruises on her cheek and lip and scratches on her arm. He tried to contact the husband by phone, but the man did not answer him. Dispatch got in contact with him, but he hung up before he could be connected to Martin. Martin assisted the woman with vacating her residence and explained how to obtain a Temporary Protection Order.

•Cpl. Zach Brooks was dispatched to a mailbox on fire on Fred Goss Road last week. Dispatch also advised him that the caller stated his neighbor’s mailbox was also on fire and that there was a man standing on the side of the road watching it burn. The incident remains under investigation.

•A report of disrupting public school at 900 Madison Street was filed on March 19. The incident remains under investigation, according to the report.


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