A Winterville man was arrested last week following a domestic violence incident on East Jones Chapel Road.

Jesse Lee Brown, 29, was charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers and willful obstruction of law enforcement officer by us of threats or violence.

Sgt. Jason Gaddy, was dispatched about 3:20 a.m. on Sept. 5 and when he arrived he met with the homeowner who said Brown had someone drive him to her home about 9:30 p.m. the night before and that he was extremely intoxicated. She said when she later attempted to go to bed, Brown began turning the lights on repeatedly and insulting her and threatening her and her mother. She said Brown’s threats including “burning the whole dirt road down and threatening to kill her boss.” She said he refused to leave despite her repeatedly asking him to, so she called 911.

She said while she went to the back of the residence to get better cell phone reception, he threw a beer bottle through her bedroom window.

In addition to the victim and her mother, two small children also live at the residence. The victim said she and Brown have been in a relationship for four years and have lived together for two years. The victim’s mother requested that Brown not be allowed back at the home due to her poor health and the victim agreed. Brown was barred from coming back onto the property for one year and a no contact warrant bond was issued. Brown was arrested at the scene and taken to jail.

Other incidents on file at the scene included:

•Someone reportedly disabled motion sensors at Wesley Chapel Church and then stole $20 worth of gas from the church van. The pastor told the responding officer that he suspects it was the person who took gas from the van previously and that the church didn’t press charges in that case. The pastor said the suspect had been spotted at the church driving a red Ford Ranger.

•An unruly juvenile was reported on Young Harris Road last week. Deputy Duston Stanley went to the home where he met with a woman who said her 16-year old niece and she have been arguing a lot lately and that she no longer knows what to do with the girl. She had just returned home from having run away. She said she had told her to go inside to her room but the girl refused, saying she was just going to run away again and did not want to live there anymore. She said her niece has nowhere else to go and that other family members have “kicked her out” due to her bad behavior. Stanley noted that the girl kept saying she wanted to live in a foster home. She also appeared to be talking out of head and about how she wanted to possibly hurt others. And she would not stop laughing. Stanley contacted the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and that facility reportedly refused to take her. The Department of Family and Children’s Service (DFCS) was also contacted and they informed Stanley that the child could not be placed into foster care “just because that’s where she wanted to go,” even if her guardian wanted her to go as well. The aunt said she would take her to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

•A man on Buddy Moore Road reported that his Cub Cadet mower was stolen from under a blue tarp behind his home that is under construction.

•A man on Crabapple Hollow Road reported that someone had broken into his home, which is in foreclosure. Cpl. Austin Dean responded to the scene where he met with Lt. Jason Ring, who had detained a white male he found inside the home. Dean spoke with the man, who said he was kicked out of his mother’s home across the street on Aug. 31 and that he had nowhere else to go.

The man had a pillow, food wrappers, cigarette butts, empty drink bottles, a Samsung tablet and clothing inside the back door area of the home. Since the home was under foreclosure and it could not be immediately determined who owned the home, the man was released and told not to return. The tablet was found to belong to this stepfather and it was taken to be returned to its owner.

•A woman on Joe Cooper Road reported that she and her husband are being harassed by a neighbor. She filed a report with the sheriff’s office in August regarding text messages they had received and that the neighbor was told at that time to stop contacting them. On Sept. 2, they began receiving more text messages from the neighbor saying that one of their trees had fallen and damaged her fence and that they would have to pay for it. Copies of the texts were obtained and she was advised to contact the clerk of courts to obtain an ex-parte stalking order.

•A woman on Piedmont Road reported that her blue Toyota Tundra had been stolen She said she left the keys inside and doors unlocked. She said shortly after she found it missing she received a call from Athens Clarke County Police telling her her truck had been located in sewage pond on Spring Valley Road in Athens. She went to that location where they told her to call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. A Clarke County officer told Deputy Kenneth Brown that it appeared as if the suspect(s) exited the vehicle by climbing out of a back door and onto the bed of the truck after they drove it off into the lake.

•A man showed up screaming that he had been shot at the back door of a home on Hickory Hills Road. Cpl. Mark Goodson went to the home, where he found the homeowner and the man on the porch. The homeowner told him his wife had just gotten out of the shower when she heard someone knocking at the back door. Realizing it was a stranger, she called to her husband who stepped out with the man to question him. The man was now lying on the floor of the porch screaming and hysterical. The homeowner told Goodson that the man told him he had been beaten up and shot and that he ran away and ended up at their home seeking help. The homeowner offered him water and tried to calm him down.

Goodson approached the man who told him he could not breathe and was in pain. The man had defecated on himself and was not wanting to speak to Goodson or other responding officers about what had happened. The only thing he would say was “you would s*&^ yourself too if you were shot at three times with a .45.” Goodson then mentioned to the man that maybe he should not get caught trying to steal things and the man denied that that was what happened. Other officers then left that scene to go to where the man said the incident had occurred to try to determine what had happened. EMS arrived and took the man to Piedmont Athens Regional for treatment.

•A man reported that he had found a holstered gun in the middle of the road on Hwy. 191 at Transco Road. The gun was turned over to a deputy. It was later claimed by a woman who said she set the gun on the back of her truck and then drove off.

•Two suicide attempts were reported in the county last week.

•Deputy Joseph Rutledge met with a man at Walgreens in Danielsville who wanted to report an incident of road rage. He said he was traveling north on Hwy. 29 South behind a gray Toyota Truck as they came into Danielsville and that there was another vehicle behind him riding his bumper. As they approached Town Square Center the truck turned into the shopping center and that at the same time the car behind him “laid on its horn.” The truck then partially stopped in the turn lane so he blew his horn at it, then pulled up beside the driver and asked “what the h#@@ are you doing?” After more words were exchanged the truck then pulled away and circled around to the rear of Subway and he followed, trying to get the driver to get out. The driver did and then picked up a stick and shook it at him saying “I’ve got something for you” then got back in the truck. The man said he tried to get the driver to get out again and at that point the driver brandished a pistol at him. He said he never pointed it directly at him.

The man said he then left the scene and pulled in at Walgreens to report the incident. Rutledge told him if her finds himself in a situation like that again to call 911 and not confront the driver himself. Rutledge then went to the Subway parking lot where he was able to meet with the driver of the truck, who told him basically the same thing but said that when he pulled away from the man and he followed him just to confront him again that he felt threatened. He said the other man wanted to fight him and that he had showed him a revolver he had so that’s why he had pulled out his own gun to show he had one too. He added that he had told the man if he pointed the gun at him he would shoot him and that’s when he left the scene. Rutledge told him to call 911 if he is ever confronted again and not to let it escalate into something else.


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