A Danielsville woman was arrested after a bizarre incident on Cedar Lane and Collins Bridges Road one evening recently.

Janna Miranda Minyard, 30, of Danielsville, was charged with reckless conduct, pointing or aiming a pistol at another, reckless driving and willful obstruction of an officer.

Deputy Duston Stanley was dispatched to the area regarding someone driving a Dodge pickup up and down Cedar Lane (a dirt road) at a high rate of speed, spinning tires and blowing the horn. He met with a woman who told him she saw Minyard drive her Dodge pickup recklessly, slinging gravel everywhere.

Minyard lives nearby on Collins Bridges Road and Stanley noted that he could hear her vehicle alarm going off regularly while talking with the witness. Stanley walked over to her house and saw the Dodge truck parked there and noted that the engine was still warm. Stanley and another officer approached Minyard’s porch where they could hear her talking to herself or someone else on a side porch.

As they proceeded to walk towards her voice they heard her say “there is someone on my porch with a flashlight I'm going to get a gun.” Officers announced their presence several times but Minyard proceeded to go into the house to get a gun.

The officers then retreated away from the house and proceeded to find cover for their safety.

Minyard then set off her car alarm again and walked out onto the porch where Stanley had just been standing, holding what appeared to be a rifle and pointing it in the officers’ direction.

Officers began to give Minyard loud and clear verbal commands to put her gun down.

After yelling “Sheriff's Office” several times at Minyard, she was still holding the gun and refusing to put it down. She asked what the officers were doing on her property. After receiving more commands to put her gun down, Minyard finally threw her gun off of the porch onto the ground.

Officers then approached her, ordering her to keep her hands in the air. She was placed in handcuffs for officer safety and her safety, but told she was not under arrest at that moment. She said she was scared and that’s why she didn’t put the gun down, even after officers told her who they were. They could smell alcohol on her and noted she appeared to be very intoxicated.

She told Stanley she had had some “shots” because it was her day off and admitted she had been driving on Cedar Lane but wasn’t going that fast.

She said she was setting off her car alarm to scare some kids off and keep them out of her yard. She was read her Miranda rights and refused to speak to officers anymore.

She refused to walk to the patrol car and when Stanley grabbed onto her arm she said he was touching her breast area and she wanted a female officer to arrest her. She was told there was no female officer on duty and if she would just walk on her own officers would not touch her at all.

She still refused to walk to the patrol car so Stanley drove his vehicle up her driveway so she didn’t have to walk. She then said she couldn’t bend her knees due to a condition she has. After that she was led to another officer’s patrol vehicle that was easier for her to get into and all she had to do was sit down, according to the report.

After telling her several times to sit down, she finally did and then started saying she could not bend her knees to put her feet into the car, but she eventually did.

No force beyond verbal commands and handcuffing had to be used by deputies towards Minyard, Stanley noted.

Other incidents on file this week at the sheriff’s office included:

•A Hull mother was arrested last week after a report that she was intoxicated and hitting her children. Deborah Suzanne Henson, 42, was arrested on two counts of disorderly conduct. Deputy Duston Stanley was dispatched to Bugg Road on Sept. 21 regarding the incident. When he arrived, Henson met him and told him that her two daughters had her work iPad and refused to give it back to her. When asked if she had hit or pushed the girls, she denied having touched them. Stanley noted that he could smell alcohol on Henson as he spoke with her. She told him she had been drinking, but had only drank “one thing.” When he asked how much the one thing was, she was unable to tell him. Stanley then spoke with the girls who told him their mother had been drinking all day and one of them produced a bottle of spiced rum and said that their mother drank the entire bottle that day.

The same girl then told him that her mom tried to come and take the iPad and when they wouldn’t give it to her she got upset and started to get aggressive so they closed the door and locked it.

She said Henson broke into the room and started to hit her sister in the arms and pushed her around the room. The girl said she tried to stop her mother from hitting her sister and that her mother pushed her up against the corner of the door and she began to cry because it hurt. The other daughter showed Stanley her arms, but he was unable to see any marks or bruising. Both girls left to spend the night with a family friend. Due to the girls’ testimony and the fact that Henson was very intoxicated, she was arrested and the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) was contacted and given the location of the children for follow up.

•Kerry Lee Hill, 44, of Danielsville, was charged with possession of methamphetamine and willful obstruction of officers. On Sept. 19, Deputy Gabe Dalton was dispatched to Rock Quarry Road regarding a domestic altercation on the side of the road. The complainant was a bus driver from the school system. Dalton arrived at the scene near Windy Ridge Drive where he saw a man walking along the road. Dalton recognized him as Hill and asked him to stop and speak to him. Hill continued to walk away and grabbed at his left hand pocket. He was ordered to stop but began to flee on foot when Dalton got out of his patrol vehicle. Dalton pursued Hill and deployed his Taser and Hill stopped running. Methamphetamine was located inside Hill’s pocket during a search of his person. Hill was also determined to have facial injuries from falling after he was struck with the Taser and was transported by Madison County EMS to the hospital for treatment. He was determined to have an orbital fracture around his right eye, according to the report. After treatment he was released to Dalton, who took him to jail. A woman was located by another officer walking along Rock Quarry Road. She denied having been with Hill and said she had last seen him earlier in the day, though Hill confirmed the two had been arguing as they walked along the road.

•An incident of alleged sexual battery between two minors was reported on Sept. 18 at a location on Hwy. 29 South. The incident remains under investigation.

•A barn fire was reported at 182 Del Cedar Lane in Colbert at 3:44 p.m., Sept. 16.

•A 17-year-old female complained of arm pain after an accident at Hwy. 29 at Trinity Baptist Church at 4:50 p.m., Sept. 16.

•A gray truck and silver car collided at Hwy. 72 W. Colbert near Jacobs Pizza at 11:10 a.m., Sept. 19. An ambulance was requested for a possible head injury.

•A hot water heater was reported on fire at 1:36 p.m., Sept. 23, on Amberly Drive in Hull.


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