A woman on Amberly Drive told Deputy Gary Floyd last week that she was sitting in a room to the left of her front door entrance when her unlocked door started to open slowly. She got up and opened her front door and saw what she described a skinny male wearing dark clothing and a white face mask standing at her mailbox. She said the male ‘growled” at her and then broke into a dance before running down the street. She said she recently moved from Clarksville and is unfamiliar with the area. Floyd advised her to keep her door locked and to report any further suspicious activity.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office this week included:

•Deputy Will Townsend was dispatched to a mobile home park on Hwy. 29 South to attempt the apprehension of a subject for a mental evaluation. When he arrived at the park, he saw two small girls standing in the window of the home. Townsend knocked on the door several times and could not get an adult to come to the door so he spoke with one of the children and asked her if her parents were home. She said that her dad was home but he was asleep. When asked to go wake him up, she told him that they were locked inside the bedroom and couldn’t get out. Townsend confirmed this by looking through the window where he could see a child lock on the door handle. He then beat on the side of the trailer where the other bedroom was located. After about 20 minutes, a man finally came to the door. He said he was the father of the girls and he works night shift and his wife works a day shift. He said he tries to stay up with the kids for as long as possible, then locks them in their room so he can sleep. The mother of the children showed up a few minutes later and was advised of the situation. Townsend then spoke with a DFACS case worker who said that since the children were not in any direct danger, he would follow up on the situation either later that day or the next day.

•A man on Jot-Em-Down Road reported that his girlfriend’s son poured sugar in his vehicle’s gas tank.

•A riding mower rolled over on a man as he cut grass on East Paoli Road. Deputy Will Townsend arrived to find that EMS had already removed the lawn mower from the man, who was conscious and alert with some lacerations to his right arm. From the marks in a ditch, it was determined that the man had rolled the lawn mower down the ditch on the right side of the driveway while cutting the grass. He was transported to Piedmont Athens Regional by EMS for his injuries.

•A man on Watson Road was reported missing by his mother on July 16. The woman said her son left in her Mazda four-door sedan about noon on July 15 and had not returned. She said that he normally calls to check in when he doesn’t plan to return home but she has not heard from him. He was described as about 6 ft. 3 inches tall, bald, brown eyes, last seen wearing a blue shirt with white stripes and plaid short. Later that day he was notified by the man’s sister that the Mazda was found at a gas station in Clarke County, but that the missing man was nowhere to be found when it was retrieved by their mother. The mother stated that her son has “multiple mental conditions and a drug problem.” He was entered into the GCIC as a missing person.

•A man on Young Harris Road reported that he had received a threatening text message with a disturbing image from an unknown person.

•Deputy Derek Shelton was dispatched to the Dollar General Store on Colbert School Road regarding a suspicious vehicle parked on the side of the store for about four hours. Shelton found the white 2002 Acura, displaying a Florida license plate, parked on the side of the building with a white female in the driver’s seat. The woman had a hospital bracelet on her arm. She told Shelton she stopped there because she was tired and needed to rest. She said she was from Florida and had been in a rehab facility for alcoholism. Shelton noted that she appeared be confused and EMS was called to check on her. She later told EMS she was released from a local hospital but she didn’t want to go back there. She was told that she could not be allowed to drive due to her mental state and she could not stay at the store. She agreed to go to Advantage Behavioral Health. Her vehicle was left locked in the parking lot with approval from the store manager.

•A man on Martin Griffeth Road reported that his neighbor’s dog came onto his property and killed his chickens. He said the dog has killed other animals on his property in the past and that he is afraid that the dog will become aggressive with him or his family members.

•A heroin overdose was reported in the county last week. The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment.

•A fire was reported at Tranquility Mobile Home Park July 17.

•Minor injuries were reported in an accident on Hwy. 72 at Quick Pick-Valero July 16.

•An accident was reported on Gholston Street in Comer July 15.


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