Warrants have been issued for a woman who allegedly perpetrated a home invasion on Jack Sharp Road last week.

Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to the scene on Feb. 2 regarding an assault.

The call information included that someone had forced entry into a residence with a Taser and then accidentally Tased themselves, then went to a neighboring residence.

Rice noted that he was familiar with both homes from previous calls.

Cpl. Zach Brooks arrived on scene just prior to Rice and waited at the end of the driveway as they suspected the suspect might attempt to flee the scene.

Rice made contact with the victim at the original residence and saw large scratches on her chest. She told him a woman she knows had attacked her and went back to the home next door.

Rice then went next door where Brooks was and both officers were unable to locate anyone there, however they did see signs that someone had left quickly, including an opened beer that was still cold to the touch.

They also found the victim’s damaged purse.

The victim said she has been staying at the home to take care of the homeowner who was at the hospital at that time.

She said the perpetrator came to the home that evening to accuse her of sleeping with her (perpetrator’s) husband.

She said the woman was banging on doors and had a knife in one hand and the Taser in another. She eventually forced her way in and they scuffled in the living room. She said the perpetrator’s husband (who is also the homeowner’s son) was also present and tried to separate them.

She said she went to her bedroom and the intruder followed her and continued to attack her, damaging a door and cutting the wall with the knife. When she left, she took both weapons and the victim’s purse.

When the purse was returned she reported several things missing from it, including her wallet and keys.

In another incident, a vehicle explosion and fire were reported on Peachtree Street in Colbert on Feb. 5.

Deputy Joshua Rice was dispatched to the scene where he found the vehicle fully engulfed in flames in the front yard of a residence.

The first fire unit arrived at the same time and began to put out the fire. No one was at home at the time, but shortly after a couple arrived and the woman said it was her vehicle. She said she drove it back and forth to work and had parked it about 5:30 p.m. and last saw it around 6 p.m. when she and her husband left to go to her mother’s home. She said she was unaware of anyone who would want to destroy her vehicle but admitted that they have had several problems with one of their neighbors and dispatch was able to confirm that this neighbor was recently trespassed from the property.

Witnesses stated that they heard an explosion and saw the fire. One witness said he was asleep and was woken by the sound. They did not see anyone around the vehicle. The case was turned over to investigations as an arson case.

Other incidents on file at the sheriff’s office included:

•A clerk at the Valero gas station in Colbert reported that a man dressed in an all black jogging suit stole several drinks by putting them in his jacket when he came in to pay for $25 worth of gas. The theft was witnessed by a fellow customer.

•An ATM at First Citizens Bank in Hull was damaged last week triggering a bank alarm. An officer found the front compartment completely open allowing access to the inside of the ATM. It was unknown if it was broken into or left unlocked. The bank’s security office was notified but said it would likely be some time the following day before anyone came to check it. They requested periodic checks throughout the night by deputies but were made aware that a deputy could not be stationed to guard the machine all night.

•A man on Paoli Road told Deputy Joshua Rice he received threatening text messages from numbers he does not know saying they will kill him if he does not send money and some of the messages included images of decapitated bodies. Rice told him it was likely a scam and to block the numbers, which he provided to Rice. He was also told that if he began to feel there was a legitimate threat from someone or if someone showed up at his residence, to call 911.

•A man on McGinnis Chandler Road reported that he and his girlfriend got into an argument over him going to the liquor store and that she had packed three bags and left walking. Before she left, she went into the bathroom and took an unknown number of pills. He said he had forced her to throw them up before she left. The woman later called dispatch to let them know she at a home in Commerce. Officers in that county went to check on her and reported she was ok.

•Warrants have been issued for a man who reportedly struck his 77-year old mother at her home on Berkeley Road after she scolded him for cutting too large a piece of the cake she had cooked. She was bleeding from a laceration at the corner of her left eye according to Deputy Carolyn Gibson and her prescription glasses had also been knocked off her face and broken. She told officers her son and three women, one of whom was possibly his homeless girlfriend, had been staying at the home for the past several days. She said after she called 911, her son left on his moped, followed by the three women in a red Chevy Sonic.

•A man on Faye Carey Road was reportedly bitten by a dog last week. The man was unable to tell Sgt. Jason Gaddy what the dog looked like except to say he thought it was brown. EMS was on scene to treat the gash in his leg. The case was turned over to animal control.

•A juvenile suicide threat was reported in the county last week.

•A man on Hwy. 72 West reported that his girlfriend’s parents have been making threats to him and that he was no longer able to be with his girlfriend. He said her parents have threatened to wait on him at the end of his driveway and “beat him dead if he continues to attempt to see (their daughter).” Deputy Mark Goodson said it was difficult to speak to the man due to him crying hysterically during the entire conversation.

•A couple on Reese Lane reported that a home they are moving from was broken into and a bag of tools were stolen.


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