Comer Elementary School recently recognized students for their accomplishments in September.

The school’s “STAR Student Award” winners recognized for always “striving to do their best” included Hayden Strickland, Dylan Castro-Suarez, Harper Lee, Bella Haley, Laney Lee, Chevy Welch, Sadie Walmsley, Everett Lee, Liam Williams, Lily Pass, Josie Abernathy, McKenna Westbrooks, Eh Htoo, Brooklyn Bullins, Yocelyn Castro-Suarez, Riley Moon, Dexten Dang, Liam Grimes, Hayden Cash, Asher Purdy, Austin Gilbert, Katherin Lopez-Ayala, Aaron Briggs and Anna Dybdahl.

Comer’s “Take Responsibility Award” winners were Brielle Bullins, Saylor Molliere, James Lance, Heaven Htoo, Brody Erwin, Maris Beard, Jace Kelley, Myah Hoxit, Laura Sha, Asher Stone, Devin Roberts, Sharree Reh, Carter Bird, Cooper Busbin, Vaydee Russell, Lorraine Bjork, Lacy Metcalf, Yeimy Ordonez, Chloe Davis, Julia Ku, Drew Roberts, Ellery Tyson and Jacob Pou.

The September “Bus award” winners were Ailin Miralrio-Zarco, Henry Bartenfeld, Aubree Peek, Govani Reh, Kinsley Mason, Breanna Frei, Levi White, Esther Hernandez-Reyes

Comer’s “Media Center Award” winners were Brody Welch, Charlie Anne White, Rylee Green, Bennett Gravitt, Laney Lee, John LaVere, Ansley Cox, Griffin Tackett, Ellery Tyson, Cooper Busbin, Anna Kate West and Levi Abernathy.


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