Madison County High School (MCHS) and The Broad River College and Career Academy (BRCCA) recently held its first-ever Career Signing Day for MCHS seniors who have chosen to enter careers in the armed services or in local industries directly upon graduation.

Dr. Bo Boykin, CEO of the BRCCA, noted that signing days are traditionally held for high school seniors receiving sports scholarships for their college careers.

“It’s a great tradition, and we thought we’d expand that tradition to other levels and recognize those students using their learned skills in high school to go into the workforce or to serve in the military,” Boykin said.

Teacher Jake Slusher noted that these 2021 seniors have “had a lot of adversity” during their final years of high school in trying to deal with the pandemic, online learning and working apprenticeships with local companies, all at the same time.

“They have handled it all with grace,” Slusher said. “I think that speaks volumes that these students have their eyes set on a career path and they haven’t waivered.”

The ceremony included recognizing each student and their chosen branch of armed service or industry. The industries included those in manufacturing, HVAC, electrical and general construction.

“I commend you all,” Superintendent Michael Williams said at the conclusion of the ceremony. “You have a leg up on your careers whether in the service and in the skilled trades — at 18 you already have a vision of what you want to do with your life and not many can say that… This is what our job (as educators) is, to prepare students for their future life and careers and (this ceremony) is a big deal for them and for us. I commend the staff for their efforts to make this happen.”


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