Local students were recently named to the President’s List and Dean’s List at University of North Georgia.

Students with a 4.0 grade point average named to the President’s List include:

•McKenzie Cloud of Hull

•Caroline Barrett of Winterville

•Jessica Jacobellis of Comer

•Abigail Rogers of Colbert

•Joseph Vautour of Colbert

•Randall Belcher of Commerce

•Caleb Brooks of Danielsville

•Savannah Butler of Ila

•McKenna Coile of Ila

•Jonathan Crouse of Colbert

•Dylan Drake of Danielsville

•Eleana Gravitt of Commerce

•Journey Gurley of Hull

•Peyton Hall of Royston

•Susanna Hancock of Colbert

•Emmalee Leuthner of Nicholson

•Taylor Mullins of Commerce

•Morgan Partin of Commerce

•Darby Quakenbush of Commerce

•Tyler Smith of Colbert

•Thomas Stephenson of Commerce

•Carissa Wood of Nicholson


Those named to the Dean's List for having at least a 3.5 grade point average:

•Elizabeth Vaughn of Hull

•Kaylei Gayton of Nicholson

•William South of Royston

•Foster Loftis of Danielsville

•Emily Olson of Athens

•Lesly Cervantes of Colbert

•Briana Branch of Commerce

•Karlee Fisher of Athens

•Jacob Hill of Commerce

•Marissa Tash of Commerce

•Austin Hill of Commerce

•Anna Bass of Bowman

•Ashley Salinas of Danielsville

•Emily Austin of Colbert

•Kaylie Sullens of Commerce

•Gicel Sagastume of Winterville

•Tyler Rice of Commerce

•Alexander Maxwell of Bowman

•David Morris of Colbert

•Rachel Brown of Royston

•Josh Corlett of Hull

•Kaylee Ray of Danielsville

•Taylor Ginn of Royston

•Jary Balderas of Colbert

•Lindsey Buckner of Winterville

•Theodore Chronos of Winterville

•Brittany Neveils of Danielsville

•Hannah Player of Winterville

•Katherine Slaton of Royston

•Alayna Cassidy of Winterville

•Emma Strickland of Colbert

•Lorena Valdivieso of Winterville

•Hayden Utley of Winterville

•Sarah Thomas of Danielsville

•Aleah Crane of Nicholson

•Zoe Ramsey of Nicholson

•Antonia Magana of Athens

•Jacob Reiser of Athens

•Paige Massey of Royston

•Abigail McCurley of Athens

•Bethany Smith of Thomaston

•Bailey Brooks of Nicholson

•Mallory Sartain of Athens

•Taylor Abernathy of Commerce

•Cali Weed of Commerce

•Brittany Chatham of Hull

•Marshall Hanley of Danielsville


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