Tymon Young

Tymon Young

Tymon Young knew he needed a change. He was struggling with classes, not staying focused and feeling a lack of accomplishment. So Young spoke to his high school counselor and decided to enroll at Madison Foothills Charter High School.

It took some adjustment, but the move paid off.

“When he first enrolled, he struggled with working at his own pace,” Foothills leaders said. “Things then began to slowly but surely change. Then out of nowhere, the big ‘Road Block, Covid-19’ hit. At first, things were a little slow, but out of nowhere, Tymon was ‘On the Road Again.’ He was bypassing obstacles, moving in and out, and getting his modules and classes completed in record time. Tymon proved that staying on course was the pathway to his success. One might say, ‘Never let a stumble in the road be the end of the journey.’”

Young said he feels the support from all the staff at Foothills has significantly impacted his success.

“The teachers are always here when I need help, and if I need additional help, I am always provided with a tutor,” said Young.

Young enjoys meeting with his mentor, Laura Bowmen.

“She makes sure I am aware of my schedule,” said Young. “She is always encouraging, brings lots of snacks, and is very easy to talk to.”

Young said he feels this support has helped him to stay on course. He also recognizes the counselors and site directors’ efforts to keep him focused and working on his needs. The graduation coaches have also encouraged him to follow his pathway with the military.

Young has chosen to join the Marines after high school. He has an uncle who is a Marine who has influenced him greatly.

“I have an uncle who is retired from the Marines, and he has been a big influence on my decision to become a member of the Marines,” said Young, smiling. “He has told me many stories about his experiences, bootcamp, and the people he has met. I feel that the Marines are the most elite in the military branch.”

As he winds through this road, Young has many more bumps and obstacles to face, but he wants other students to keep in mind, “just push through it and keep going.”


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