Senior swimmer Macy Mullis recently took time to talk about swimming, her time at Madison County High School and her future:

•What age did you begin swimming? Can you share one of your earliest swimming memories, such as a moment when you realized, “Hey, I really like this?”

I started swimming when I was 7 with the summer league team in Jefferson. I swam at the state meet when I was 10, and I set the state record in the 25 backstroke. I knew then that I could be good at swimming.

•Where do you practice and who has helped instruct you over the years?

I swim with the Athens Bulldog Swim Club at UGA. We swim at the Ramsey Center. I’ve had some pretty incredible coaches throughout the years. My favorites have been NCAA record holder Martin Grodzki and legendary UGA coach Harvey Humphries.

•How do you assess your own swimming? Where are you strongest and what do you know needs work?

It’s funny, swimming is difficult to assess until you get up and race, so I can go months at a time without knowing if I’m actually improving. I am definitely strongest at the shorter events! I can be super fast, but as soon as I pass the 100-yard mark I start to slow down a little. It’s safe to say my endurance could use some work.

•What has been your greatest memory so far in the pool (an accomplishment, or time of personal satisfaction)? How about outside the pool?

Last year at Junior Nationals, I swam my best time in the 100 backstroke, 54.91, and made finals. It was my last meet with my coach Martin before he moved to Arizona, so it was an all-round fun and satisfying meet. Outside of the pool, I’m overall proud of my success in the classroom and earning three Scholastic All-American Awards.

•You leave the legacy of being the Red Raiders’ only school swimmer. Do you hope others will follow you in Madison County? And what advice do you have for younger swimmers?

I hope I’ve inspired enough kids to want to swim that there can be a pool built in Madison County! I encourage all young kids to get into the sport and remember to have a positive attitude! It’s a sport that you can do for the rest of your life.

•When do you leave for Florida Gulf Coast? What excites you about the swim program and the school?

I leave mid-August! I am so excited to finally meet the whole team, start weight-training, and be a part of such a great program. The team won their 10th Coastal Collegiate Sports Association (CCSA) title in February. I’ll be making friends and working on my undergrad degree all while being 15 minutes from the beach.

•Can you talk about what you’ll study and what you hope for the future?

I’m going to major in biology. Once I get my undergrad degree, I plan on attending medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon. I tore a ligament in my hand in January 2020 and, due to COVID, wasn’t able to have surgery to repair it until August, resulting in even more time out of the pool. Even though it was a frustrating time, my surgeon, Dr. Seiler, and my therapist, Kendyl, helped me get back to what I love and solidified my passion for helping athletes with injuries.

•Can you share one or two lasting memories that you’ll always have from MCHS?

Honestly, I’ve had the most fun in my classes. Cowne’s and Dr. Cutts’s classes have taught me how to be a better person and not just a good student, so those memories will stay with me forever.


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