Comer Elementary School fourth grader Paw Kpru Blay recently earned first all around in her gymnastics grouping in Lawrenceville Jan. 27, at the Snowflake Classic. Paw, a student in Heather’s Thompson’s class, was born in Thailand. Her mother, Baw Baw, is from Burma. She has five siblings. And they all became citizens in 2017. Paw is a Level 2 team member at Oconee Gymnastics and Cheer (close to OCHS, near Butler’s Crossing).

This is her second year in the program. She started at Level 1 during the summer of 2017. Her first official meet of the 2018-2019 season was in the Snowflake Classic, where she scored first place for her grouping (which accounts for level and age) in every event (which includes balance beam, uneven bars, floor routine, and vault. Paw placed first in all around (combined score for all events) in that same grouping. Her scores were 9.300 on floor, 9.400 on vault, 9.175 on uneven bars and 9.350 on beam.

Paw’s next meet is the Made in the USA Meet Sunday Feb. 17 at 2:30 p.m. at the Classic Center in Athens. Admission is $15 per adult, and $10 per child (b/w ages 4-12). Children 3 and under free. Open stretch begins at 2 p.m. The meet begins at 2:35 p.m. Awards are at 5 p.m.

She’ll have other meets throughout the winter and spring. Her final meet will be the State Meet for AAU Levels 1-3. It will take place during the first weekend of May.

A GoFundMe page has been started to raise money for her gymnastics tuition, which will help Baw Baw pay for the rest of Level 2 and her continued participation in Level 3. Level 3 begins in June — gymnastics is a year-round sport. Visit the GoFundMe page at

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