Ella's big fish photo

Ella Smith poses on her grandfather's boat with a fish she caught recently. 

A few weeks ago was when Ruff Smith's granddaughter Ella caught her big one. They had been camping at Watsadler Camp Ground at Lake Hartwell for four days.

Ruff had brought his sixteen foot pontoon boat powered by a fifty horsepower Mercury outboard. Fishing at a twenty to thirty foot depth, and trolling at around two and a half miles per hour, Ruffs umbrella rig, was doing its job. That is the main lure that Ruff trolls with.

Ella who had been fishing since she was three, was now, at age seven an experienced angler. Soon Ella hooked a three pound hybrid, which you see in the photo. Turned out that day they caught hybrids, strippers, spotted bass, and largemouth bass.

Some seventy fish in all with the largest six pounds. Ruff fishes a lot, some ten days a month, since he retired from Pilgrims Pride four years ago. His other favorite lakes are Clarkes Hill and Lake Russell. Being also a Ham operator Ruff has taught Ella the Morse code at her young age. Great times together for a grandfather and a granddaughter.

Take your kids fishing this summer, they will have a great time. I recall a young fellow wrote in his diary after a fishing trip with his dad.

“Great time went fishing with Dad today” Father had written in his diary “Wasted time took Johnny fishing” Dads need to learn to lose time to gain time and relations with children. No wasted time when you take a child or grandchild fishing with you. Never forget that. If you have an outdoors story send me an email at ssmith32@windstream.net.


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