Region runners up

Madison County Middle School cross country runners are pictured with second-place region trophies. They include (L-R) Grant Smith, Carraway Best, Colt Kennedy, Titus Smith, Javon Johnson, Sarah Blackmon, Lexie Gillespie, Linslei Wood, Ada Peeples and Carlee Brown.

Madison County Middle School boys’ and girls’ cross country teams both captured second place in the region meet to cap off the 2020 season.

“Under the circumstances, we had a great cross country season,” said MCMS head coach Nathan Herndon. “Without being allowed to have summer workouts, we had only five days to have tryouts, pick a team, and get ready for the first meet.”

Herndon said both boys’ and girls’ teams worked very hard to put themselves into position to contend with first place in the region.

“These cross country athletes work so hard and sometimes do not get the respect they deserve,” said Herndon. “However, Coach (Kayla) Black and I love them and are extremely proud of them.”

In the region meet at Stephens County, the boys took second out of seven teams.

Earning medals for the boys were Grant Smith, who finished fourth; Colt Kennedy, fifth; Titus Smith, sixth; Javon Johnson, ninth; and Carraway Best, 19th.

The girls’ team also finished second in the region with Sarah Blackmon finishing, fourth; Lexie Gillespie, seventh; Ada Peeples, eighth; Linslei Wood, ninth; and Carlee Brown, 13th.

The MCMS boys’ team won a home meet this season and finished second in a Franklin County meet, second in an Elbert County meet and third in a Hart County race.

Meanwhile, the girls’ team finished second in a home meet, second in Franklin County, second in Elbert County and third in Hart County.

The MCMS girls’ cross country team included Linslei Wood, Lexie Gillespie, Carlee Brown, Ada Peeples, Addi Rae Fitzpatrick, Cate Stroud, Ava McClure, Samantha Dills, Lyndi Golden, Ellee Cole, Ava Grace Smith, Marley Schubert and Sarah Blackmon.

The boys’ team included Titus Smith, Brent Daniels, Carraway Best, Julian Dyer, Jaiden Hanson, Ben Darwin, Levi Braswell, Javon Johnson, Colt Kennedy, Jayden Moon, Logan Brown, Hank Hanley, Lukas Young, Corbin Stovall, Grant Foster, Grant Smith, Casen Hanson and Adam Braswell.


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