Madison County’s Macy Mullis and Ella Chancey shared the spotlight in the high school gym Nov. 11, smiling and signing the papers that will chart their next step in life.

Mullis is headed to Florida Gulf Coast University on a swimming scholarship. Chancey is going to UNC-Charlotte on a softball scholarship.

“When I got on campus there for a visit in February, it just felt like a good place for me,” said Chancey. “I knew as soon as I got there I was like, this is really where I want to go to school. Even with my other options, this feels like a good fit for me. I really like the coaching staff there and the girls who are already there.”

Mullis talked about her decision to also leave the state.

“Well the campus is so beautiful, for the first part and I’ve always been a beach girl, so I’m really excited about that,” she said. “The coaches that I’ve met have been extremely positive and extremely welcoming. The girls I did have a chance to meet are so welcoming and I’m just really excited to be a part of the winning program that they are.”

Both Red Raiders said they appreciate their time at Madison County.

“It’s really bittersweet, because I’ve had so many good moments here,” said Chancey. “I’ve been blessed to have a really great coaching staff and great teammates every single year. I’m going to take all those memories with me.”

Mullis said she appreciated how Anne Poss took on the role of swimming coach at Madison County High School, which has never had a swim team.

“It’s just a really cool picture of Madison County and how they want to make people succeed and do whatever they can to help people out,” said Mullis. “I’m really grateful for all the support that I received from the community members and Ms. Poss absolutely helping me out. They love me here and I’m going to take that with me.”

Poss said she had taught Mullis and went to a swim meet her eighth grade year. Macy’s dad, Mitch, told her he wasn’t sure what would happen in high school, since there was no swim team. Poss remembered that her dad, who was a principal, served as a gymnastics coach when the school didn’t have one and a gymnast needed help.

“It has been a joy and a pleasure to be this young lady’s swim coach, or more like her swim organizer,” said Poss. “…I’m just so proud of her and her family has been super supportive. They have been a wonderful blessing to get to know. And she swims really fast. It’s really just a beautiful thing to watch.”

MCHS softball coach Ken Morgan offered some statistics on Chancey, noting that she came in and was productive as a freshman, which is not common for Red Raider freshmen. Chancey hit .320 as a freshman, .352 as a sophomore, .391 as a junior and .485 as a senior, finishing with a .386 career batting average. She had 23 career homers and averaged 38-to-40 RBIs a season, Morgan said.

“These stats are something special, but I could throw them out right now and tell you about the young lady who’s sitting here,” said Morgan. “More than these stats, UNC Charlotte is getting a fine individual. They’re getting a young lady who is going to make them better, not softball-wise, but community-wise and people-wise, because of who Ella is. And her friends are here to testify to that also. And Macy the same way, these are two young ladies that are going to make people better around them, because of who they are.”


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