How nature can help you dress more sustainably

(BPT) - The fashion industry is one of the biggest on the planet, driving culture, commerce and celebrity. Even if you dislike “fashion,” you likely still have a closet with clothes made from all kinds of materials — from cotton, linen, leather, and wool, to nylon, vinyl and polyester … the list goes on. These materials matter. They are a major reason why fashion — an industry that makes over 100B items per year — is amid a sustainability crisis.

Contributing to that crisis is leather, one of the most pivotal materials in the fashion world. In 2020 alone, the five biggest luxury houses sold over $50B of leather goods and that’s in addition to all the non-luxury bags, shoes, belts, furniture, wallets and much more being made. But the challenge with leather is that it requires raising cows, and lots of them, a very resource-intensive process on a resource-constrained planet.

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