The Banks County High School boys basketball team won over Elbert County 74-62 in a region game.

“Our boys never give up,” said head coach Ryan Griffin. “Our eight seniors believe that they can always find a way to win,” and looking at the season stats, it is evident that the team has adopted that motto.

When reviewing the game scores, the team has had 12 games that have been decided by less than 10 points or gone into overtime. The game against Elbert was no exception.

Pierce Martin led the scoring effort and had 26 points, along with Garrett Presley with 13, Sophomore Bradley Lewis with 12, Dakota Orr with 11 and Gosnell with 10 points.

The Leopards only led during the first quarter as the Elbert County Blue Devils outshot the boys the entire game. A fourth-quarter rally by the Leopards allowed them to pour it on strong during the overtime finish.

Martin has had a great year, and according to Coach Griffin, Martin is the type of player that teammates want to be successful.

“Our boys set screens for him without being told," he said. "They pass him the ball. I don’t have to tell the boys to pass, they just do, because that’s the type of player that Martin is."

Griffin added, “The team has more than just chemistry; they can make things happen.”

Griffin also said that his coaching philosophy is for his players to find what they are good at and play to their strength.

“I never have to talk about effort with the team; the boys just have it," the coach said.


In the Towns County game, Banks County loss 62-63. The boys faced yet another tight game against Towns County in Hiawassee this past Friday night. It was another back and forth game for the boys, as both teams were equally matched.

During the first and third quarter, the Leopards were outscored by 12 points from the Indians during the fourth.

Presley led the Leopards with 23 points, followed by Martin with 14, Lewis with 10, and Orr with 8 points.

Coach Griffin knew going into the game that it would be tough.

“Towns is a different team this year, they have some move-ins, and I think they are probably one of the best teams that Towns has ever had," he said.

Griffin also commented that sometimes no matter how good the team is, the other team is better.

“We just have to get better at finishing and ending the game stronger," he said. "Towns is very similar to us, but it is a learning experience."

The boys are now 11-6 and 1-0 in region play.


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