g that knowledge will help elevate the program to a higher level. In fact, former coach Mike Elmankabady requested the change in leadership with the program so both the players and himself could learn from Strong.

The Knights’ new coach arrives from Cape Fear High School in North Carolina. He said this year’s BCA team will be young with just one senior.

“We are learning some new things,” Strong said. “We are looking to get better with each practice and I think we have done that to this point. We just got the football players after their season concluded so we had been practicing with about seven players.”

While new to BCA and the GISA, Strong is impressed with GISA Region 1-AAA.

“Holy Spirit is one of the top teams in the state,” he said.

“We can’t run with teams like that so we will have to be more patient. I use a motion offense but my focus is to teach the players to be good basketball players. We will run a little of everything. It will be like a potpourri of offenses.”

Fundamentals have also been a big focus in the preseason for the Knights.

“We don’t necessarily have a lot of depth and that’s what makes a lot of things difficult,” Strong said.

BCA was 4-17 last season but there is a high level of confidence in the preseason that the 2016-2017 record can be surpassed.

“The players are working hard and doing their best to learn what we are teaching them,” Strong said. “We look forward to getting the season started and seeing how much we have learned.”

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