The Banks County High School track team competed at Leopard Stadium this past week and also honored their senior members. Both teams were successful in winning several events. The teams also had several top ten finishers for multiple events.

The boy's team had several highlights, including two first-place finishes for both the 4x400 and 4x800 relay teams. Talmadge Wilkinson placed first in both discus and shot put events. Six Leopards finished the 1600 Meter Run in under five minutes, including Pepper Davis, Chase Stephens, Nic Cotton, Troy Loggins and Bryson Bannister.

Davis finished first for the team in the 1600 Meter Run and the 3200 Meter Run. Freshman Pepper Davis also had a great showing during the recent home meet. Davis finished first in both the 1600 Meter Dash and the 3200 Meter Dash.

"I ran like a wild pack of buffalos were trying to get me, but I felt like I could run faster," Davis said after his first run of the meet. "Especially if I had run faster in the first two laps."

Cotton also beat his personal best by 15 seconds to help the team finish first in the event.

Junior Buck Ledford helped the Leopards win the 800 Meter Run.

Ledford stated that the team had lots of confidence going into the meet. Ledford, who was ranked in the top 25 in the state during his sophomore year, has consistently led the team this season.

"We had six guys under a time of five minutes," Ledford said after the meeting. "We have a great chance of winning the region. With lots of effort and hard work, we have the potential to win state. I always give God the glory and thanks."

For the girls, there were also many high points during the meet. Sophomore Shelby Speed broke the school record in the discus event.

Speed said, "I was excited about the throw, but I think I could do better. We are going to work on each meet one at a time, and one throw at a time so that we can win the region title."

Speed also placed 2nd in the shotput event.

Makayla Long placed first in the 3200 Meter Run, followed by teammate Susannah Hewell in second. Senior Jeena Reeves placed first for the girls in the 300 Meter Hurdles.

Head coach David Siegler commented that the meet went very well for both teams.

"We need to stay the course and continue to grow as an all-around team, but we are improving every week," he added.

Girls Results by Event:

100 Meter dash: Hailey Seahorn-2nd, Caylin Porterfield-6th, Aniah Hill-7th, and Alanna Shaw in 9th.

200 Meter Dash: Hailey Seahorn-4th, Gyna Whisnant-7th, Patience Brown-8th, and Kyleigh Boyer in 9th.

400 Meter Dash: Madison Adams-3rd, Jenna Reeves-5th, Kylee Brooks-8th, Maria Lopez-9th and Briza Rojas in 10th.

800 Meter Run: Alessandra Olivarez-4th, Camdyn Poole-5th, and Taylor Cochran in 6th

1600 Meter Run: Alessandra Olivarez-3rd and Cochran in 4th.

3200 Meter Run-Makayla Long-1st and Susannah Hewell -2nd.

300 Meter Hurdles-Jenna Reeves-1st, Alessandra Olivares-4th Kylee Brooks-6th.

The girls also placed 2nd in all three Meter Relay Events 4x100, 4x400, and 4x800.

Long Jump-Madison Adams-5th, Maria Lopez-6th, and Kyleigh Boyer-7th.

Triple Jump-Gyna Whisnant-5th.

Discus-Shelby Speed-1st, Kirsten Roberts-8th, McKenzie Gaylor-9th.

Shot Put-Shelby Speed-2nd.

Boys Results by Event:

100 Meter Dash-Raymond Bentley-6th, Thomas Gannon-7th.

200 Meter Dash-Lance Stone-2nd, Dawson Welborn-4th, Ryan Banks-10th.

400 Meter Dash-Corey Vickery-4th, Shane Roberts-6th, Cooper White-8th, Bernardo Enriquez-10th.

800 Meter Run-Buck Ledford-1st, Chase Stephens-2nd, Mitchell Bowman-8th, Henry Hughes-9th.

1600 Meter Run-Pepper Davis-1st, Chase Stephens-3rd, Nic Cotton-4th, Troy Loggins-5th, Bryson Bannister-6th.

3200 Meter Run-Pepper Davis-1st, Bryson Bannister-4th, Nic Cotton-5th, Troy Loggins-6th

110 Meter Hurdles-Ryan Banks-4th.

300 Meter Hurdles-Cooper White-2nd, Thomas Gannon-3rd.

4x400 Meter Relay-1st.

4x800 Meter Relay 1st.

Long Jump-Raymond Bentley-6th.

Triple Jump-Corey Vickery-6th, Ryan Banks-7th, Lance Stone-8th.

Pole Vault-Shane Roberts-3rd.

Discus-Talmadge Wilkinson-1st, Jeremiah Logan-7th, Dante Egizio.

Shot Put-Talmadge Wilkinson-1st, Jeremiah Logan 4th.


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