At this time last year, Banks County head football coach Jay Reid was just getting hired to take the helm of the Leopard program.

The team didn’t have spring practice, which forced Reid’s first practice with the team to June. Fast-forward to now, Reid has a full year under his hat, and his team is having a spring practice this year.

The Leopards began spring practice on Monday. The team will practice through next Thursday with next Friday being the team’s spring game vs. Cherokee Bluff.

“I’m really excited about the guys we’ve got and the progress we made in the offseason,” Reid said. “I think we’ve increased our knowledge of football, as well as our size, strength and speed.”

In the spring, Reid said it’s a time to build “fundamentals” of the game, and some teams will use the spring to experiment with plays and schemes on both offense and defense.

“Over the course of the spring, we’d love to give a lot of meaningful reps for some guys, who we anticipate to step up, and help us on the varsity level,” Reid said. “A lot of those guys had a lot of JV reps last year, and then got some Friday-night experience towards the end of the year.

“They’ve made great strides in the offseason, so I expect big things out of a lot of them.”

Reid said “win, lose or draw,” there will be both “positives” and “negatives to take from the team’s spring game against Cherokee Bluff.

“Having a spring game or a competition this early on, really gives you a little better (feel) of your team,” Reid said. “Going into the summer, you’re able to work with a little bit more focus than where we started at last summer.”

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