The Commerce Tigers start four freshmen and sophomores on a daily basis, according to head coach Steve Cotrell. “There will be a learning curve for a little while,” he said.

The learning curve began last week as the Tigers started the 2017 season with a 1-2 start.

“They have been a good group to coach so far and they are trying to move forward, but it just doesn’t happen overnight,” Cotrell said.

The Tigers defeated Lumpkin County 4-3. Charlie Ledford pitched five innings against Lumpkin, recording nine strikeouts and surrendered no runs.

Cole Chancey recorded two hits and one RBI, as did Cade Overstreet. Matthew Flint had one hit, one run and one RBI.

The Tigers dropped games against Prince Avenue Christian 5-0 and Jefferson 18-3.

Against Prince, the offense struggled to connect for hits.

Against Jefferson, the team “chased squirrels for that short period of time while the game lasted,” Cotrell stated.

“Jefferson just put the ball in play and for some reason we just could not mange to field nor catch it,” he said.

Fourteen of Jefferson’s 18 runs were unearned.

“Our goal is to get better every day and hopefully by the middle of the spring we can start playing consistently and give ourselves some chances to win a few games in a row,” Cotrell said. “This group is talented and athletic but just inexperienced on the level we have to play at in our region.

“We will get there, but I don’t think we can put a timetable on it. We will continue to rotate young kids in and out of the line-up to find the right combination. Our older kids have done a great job of staying positive with the younger kids. Baseball is a game to where you have to learn to be tough between the ears (mentally), and being very young it is tough at times. The players are working hard and doing the things we ask of them, so we will see.”

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