Going into the fourth quarter of the Commerce Tigers' season opener at Lake Oconee Academy, the Tigers trailed by a point. 

But the Tigers didn't let the setting or the situation deter them from accomplishing what they went there to do: win. 

Commerce defeated the Titans 56-49. LOA entered the game with a 2-0 record. 

The Tigers were led by Bryanna Sanders' 22-point performance. Carson Hobbs nearly matched her with 18 points. 

Maggie Mullis added nine points. Lauren Massey contributed with six points. 

"Lake Oconee is not only a really good team, but they have a very loud and big crowd for their games," head coach Brad Puckett said. "They took a one-point lead going into the fourth quarter, and to see our girls maintain their composure and continue doing all the things we had worked on in practice, was very exciting to see. Especially since it was our first real game and on the road."

Puckett said the team was "excited" about the offensive balance it displayed vs. LOA. 

"Bryanna Sanders' 22 points showed we were a threat from the outside, and Carson Hobbs' 18 points at the post position showed we were capable of putting up big points on the inside as well," Puckett said.

When it came to guard play, Puckett said Massey handled the ball and ran the offense "well." 

"We are looking for her to score even more as she continues to grow in that position," Puckett added.

Even though it is early in the season, Puckett sees something that his team hasn't had in a while, and that's balance. 

"It’s obviously very early in the season, but I feel this year’s team is as balanced as we have been in a while, and we have five to seven players that can score," he said.


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