After two straight losses to Alabama and Tennessee and after a sad 9-6 victory over Missouri at home — somehow the Georgia Bulldogs are still in good shape. They still have a great shot of making the SEC Championship in Atlanta.

The SEC just continues to shock and confuse. You got Ole Miss who goes into Tuscaloosa and defeats the mighty Crimson Tide, only to lose to Florida by 28 points and then to be defeated by Memphis two weeks after that. Yes, that’s right, Memphis (which, to be fair, is a really good team).

LSU is still rolling and might have the best shot of all the other SEC teams, but they have a huge contest with Alabama here in a few weeks. They have the best running back in the nation in Leonard Fournette and a solid head coach. Isn’t it awesome that every year the Alabama-LSU game seems to be the biggest game of the season? Sure, a lot of that can change beforehand – but it won’t, both of those teams will most likely roll their competition up until they play each other. Here is a fun stat for all the SEC fans: of the 14 teams represented in the SEC, only three of them have records under .500. Yeah, even for all the SEC haters, that is something you have to respect.

There might not be as many “playoff contenders” this season as there was last season — you know, when three of the top four teams were from the SEC — but there is still some great quality in that conference and a good chance that the winner of the SEC can win the whole thing.

While it may not be an official guideline, we often view teams with two losses as out of the playoff race, that is usually true and will probably be the case for this season. That being said, let’s look at the one-loss and undefeated teams in the conference.

There are only four teams with less than two losses, three teams from the West and one from the East. Texas A&M is 5-1, but is coming off of a loss to Alabama, their playoff dreams aren’t completely shot but it seems unlikely that they will get all the help they need to make it in.

Alabama is another one-loss team, they had a disappointing loss at home to Ole Miss but have since dominated their competition. They steam-rolled Georgia in Athens, had a tougher time with Arkansas, but then handled Texas A&M pretty well.

The one team still alive for the playoff from the East is Florida. The Gators have had a good season but just lost to LSU after losing their quarterback to a suspension.

And then you have LSU, the only undefeated team in the SEC. Things could still get tricky, if LSU loses to Alabama but wins every game besides that, they would still have an outsiders chance to be in the playoff.

It’s too early to determine what the playoff will look like, all we can do now is look back and assess what has happened so far. Overall, the SEC has done very well. This is the common story with this conference, all of the teams beat each other up and the team that comes out victorious truly deserves it.

Tyler Rollason is a Winder-Barrow High School and University of West Georgia graduate. You can e-mail comments about this column to

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