Thirty-five local players were named the 8-AAA all-region soccer team, according to a release from the region’s coaches.

Fourteen local girls players made all-region, while 21 local boys players earned that honor.

On the girls’ side, Jackson County and Jefferson had seven all-region selections each.

For Jackson County, Lindsey Fowler (forward), Montgomery Garland (midfield), Kayley Medrano (defender) and Avery Wortel (goal keeper) were first-team selections. Kennedy Habeeb (forward), Ivy Bell (midfielder) and Kassidy Gross (defender) were named to the second team.

Jefferson’s first-team selections were Savanna Jackson (forward), Ally-Kate Navas (midfielder), Valerie LaDue (defender) and Margo Perry (goal keeper). Abby Eison (forward), Carter Drake (midfielder) and Tara Maxwell (defender) were second-team picks.

East Jackson did not report all-region girls’ nominations, according to the release.

For the boys, East Jackson, Jackson County and Jefferson each had seven all-region selections.

Earning first-team honors for East Jackson were Alexys Garcia (forward), Owen Gates (midfielder), Michael Benitez (defender) and Roberto (Calix). Jesus Perez (forward), Clay McEachin (midfielder) and Isaiah Wegesend (defender) were named to the second team.

For Jackson County, Hunter Lumely (forward), Ryan Xiong (midfielder), Hunter Lovejoy (defender) and Parker Garrison (goal keeper) were first-team selections. Ashton Parnell (forward), Taras Pomyanovskyy (midfielder) and Blake Martin (defender) were named to the second team.

Earning first-team accolades for Jefferson were Brandon Hudson (forward), Sean Childs (midfielder), Will Burdick (defender) and Adam Hayes (goal keeper). Second-team selections were Cost McCormack (forward), Patrick Sorah (midfielder) and Jake Kuhn (goal keeper).


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