While East Jackson coach Cherrelle Pullen wants her team to generate turnovers, she also wants to make sure her team cashes in on them, too.

The Eagles (2-2) forced 43 turnovers in a 53-16 road victory over Oglethorpe County Tuesday (Nov. 19), but missed a few too many layups for Pullen’s liking.

“Even a perfect game there will be missed layups; our number (goal) was three for the entire game, which we ended up missing a total of seven which is 14 points,” Pullen said. “I wanted them to realize the importance of finishing on the other side. Even though we won (Tuesday’s) game, missed layups like that is what caused us to lose two games less by than 10 points.”

Pullen said “it’s always good to win,” but wanted Tuesday’s win a “teaching moment.”

“I expected them to make at least five passes in our offense before scoring,” she said. “I expected them to not reach on defense, and I expected them to share the ball. There were other expectations, but this was a few of the major ones. If they didn’t do what I asked, we pulled them out and they were given another chance to do it right.”

Antonia Pittman led East Jackson with 13 points, eight rebounds, seven steals and four assists. Haven Rollins scored 13 points with seven steals, three rebounds and four assists. Yasmine Clark added 10 points, seven steals, three rebounds and three assists.

East Jackson finished with 31 steals.

The Eagles return to action Saturday (Nov. 23) at 5:30 p.m. against Clarke Central in the Gladiators’ Thanksgiving tournament.


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