Volleyball is proving to be more than just a new program at Banks County High School this year. With several wins, the program is developing into one of the top contenders in A/AA Area.

Several key players have moved into the spotlight, showing Banks County fans that volleyball is not only competitive but also a program built on high expectations, effort and perseverance. Jadelyn McClure, Lola Pruitt and Addison Hoard, all freshman, shared their thoughts about the season start.

Lola Pruit states that being part of a brand new team she didn’t expect so many fans to be so supportive towards the program. She is grateful that even though the team might struggle at times with communication and lack of experience, she feels her team never gives up. She states that her teammates are all “working extremely hard to get better” and knowing that their coaches continue to believe in them, makes playing with perseverance easier.

Addison Hoard, another freshman standout, states their biggest obstacle is lack of experience, and that most of the girls have “never even played volleyball,” which is pretty impressive when looking at the overall stats of the team.

Jadelyn McClure brings many years of experience to the sport, having played multiple years in travel volleyball. McClure states that although playing for her Mom (Coach McClure), is extremely tough, she believes it pushes her to be a better player and teammate.

Pruitt, Hoard and McClure all want to thank their coaches, especially Coach McClure, for taking away time from their families, sticking with them, never giving up and being positive. They want to thank the community for showing up to games to support, cheering for them and also for their support.

At present time, Lake Oconee is ranked #1 in the A/AA Area, and Banks is ranked #5, (Max Preps).

Banks County will not return for another home match until October 6 for the end of the season.

Recent Match Scores

BCHS vs. North 9/8 Oconee-Loss 0-2

BCHS vs. East Hall 9/8-Win 2-0

BCHS vs. Lake Oconee 9/8 Loss 0-2

BCHS vs. Union 9/10 Loss 0-2

BCHS vs. Elbert County 9/10 Win 2-0


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