Roman Haynes, shown in the recent game against Commerce High School, was injured during the Fannin County game. Haynes is not only an outstanding player for the team, he looked upon at a leader.

Banks County High School senior Roman Haynes was injured in the football game Friday day.

He was injured on the second offensive series of the game during a 20-yard run. Haynes suffered a broken tibia and fibula. Haynes was transported to an area hospital to receive medical attention with the quick action and leadership of athletic trainer Zoe Forrester and a Banks County EMT.

Not only does Haynes dominate offensively and defensively on the field, but his leadership for his fellow players is mentioned by coaches and his fellow team mates.

It was evident that the injury was felt beyond the field and into the stands. The student section showed tremendous support for Roman and his family by leading a prayer. The team members also took time to kneel and say a prayer for Roman.

Amanda Haynes (Roman's mother) said, "He is doing good. We are hoping for Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to complete the next surgery. After that, he will have a 10-week recovery. The Banks County community is incredible, and we couldn't ask for a better community!"

Coach Reid stated that Haynes is a tremendous asset to the team, and his presence was missed on the field. Reid also noted that Haynes is not only a leader on the field; he is a player that others look up to.


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